Trump faces fallout from London attack tweets

Trump targeted the mayor of London and spoke out about his own administration's travel ban on Twitter in the wake of a terrorist attack that killed seven people.
3:00 | 06/06/17

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Transcript for Trump faces fallout from London attack tweets
President trump is facing new fallout from his tweets targeting London's mayor over the terror attack and his other tweets about the travel ban. They could cripple the ban as it heads to the supreme court. The president trying to move his agenda forward focusing on infrastructure and talk health care and taxes with congressional leaders today and now know he will not use executive privilege to block fired FBI director James Comey from testifying on capitol hill Thursday. We'll start there with our chief white house correspondent Jon Karl and, Jon, the white house didn't have much of a claim to executive privilege on this, but what else are they doing to counter Comey's testimony on Thursday which could be very damaging? Reporter: Well, there's a grand strategy here to respond to Comey. It certainly isn't obvious, George. For all the talk of setting up a war room here at the white house, we've heard for weeks now a war room to respond to the Russia allegations, the Russia investigation, nothing has been set up yet. The last time Comey testified, the president sat down with a close circle of his top aides and watched it on television in the personal dining room right off the oval office where he has installed a big screen TV. I suspect that the response to this will probably come largely through the president's Twitter feed although I do think you will see tough questions for Comey from Republicans, the biggest one, George, if there was any sense that the investigation was being hibndered why did he not resign. The tweets on the travel ban creating a lot of consternation among government lawyers and a lot of supreme court experts now say what the president did there could really cripple his attempt to get the travel ban through the supreme court. Reporter: Absolutely. You are hearing from some of the president's closest allies, real concern about his Twitter feed, especially on the legal issues. The most interesting concern comes from George Conway, a supporter of the president and happen to be kellyanne Conway's husband and went on Twitter saying the point cannot be stressed enough that tweets on legal matters seriously undermine the administration agenda and the president. He says the point needs to be reinforced by those who support the president and, George, he says virtually every lawyer in the white house counsel's office and political appointees at the justice department agree with him. I don't think that that is incorrect. Real struggle with the department of justice. The president facing resistance inside the foreign service. Reporter: Yeah, this is the second time in two days. This is now the latest the number two official at the U.S. Embassy in beijing, a 27-year veteran of foreign service has resigned. He said in good faith he could not deliver the message to the Chinese that the U.S. Had decided to drop out of the Paris climate agreement. So he has resigned. This comes after we heard from the acting ambassador in great Britain praising the mayor of London at the very time that the president was attacking the mayor of London. So something of a revolt in the foreign service. O. Jon Karl, thanks very

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Trump targeted the mayor of London and spoke out about his own administration's travel ban on Twitter in the wake of a terrorist attack that killed seven people.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"47858929","title":"Trump faces fallout from London attack tweets","url":"/GMA/video/trump-faces-fallout-london-attack-tweets-47858929"}