Trumps Adjust to Life as the First Family

Trump took his first flight on Air Force One and told ABC News what it feels like to work in the Oval Office, as Melania Trump and their son, Barron Trump, remain in New York City.
3:17 | 01/27/17

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Transcript for Trumps Adjust to Life as the First Family
Topping this half hour a closer look at the first family and so far their life in the white house. The first lady Melania trump is here in New York City with her son Barron. I asked the president about living in the white house by himself at least for now and the changes he made in the oval office and getting used to air force one and Tom llamas covered the entire campaign on the first few days in the white house as a family. Good morning. For more than 35 years for nearly 35 years I should say president trump has lived in the same place. His own versailles in the sky. Trump tower but now he's in the people's house, less gold, more history, but still ample access to one of his favorite things, cable news. Just one week after taking the oath of office, president Donald Trump still taking it all in. Reacting to his first flight on air force one. Beautiful. Great plane. Reporter: And telling David Muir what it feels like to get to work in the oval office. What moves you the most about this room? Just the history of it, the importance of it. What's happened here. Reporter: Trump now sitting at a desk used by six of his modern predecessors, but added his own flair to the famous space switching out president Obama's red curtains for gold ones and replacing the carpet. We're standing on Ronald Reagan's rug. You have a choice when you come in. They have eight or nine carpets. They have different furniture. Reporter: The new president settle nothing a familiar routine, according to "The new York Times," trump spends his mornings as he did in trump tower, rising before 6:00 A.M., watching cable news shows and looking through the morning papers. But also making room for family time. Ready? Reporter: Daughter ivanka, Trump's youngest child, seen crawling here on the floor of the white house. Ivanka's husband Jared Kushner making the move to D.C., as well. Kushner now a senior adviser to the president. Any chance ivanka might have an office in the white house? Well right now she is just getting settled. We'll have to see what happens. She is a special person. She's smart and she's got every quality you could possibly have. I don't rule out anything. There's certainly a possibility and Jared has been here doing a great job. Reporter: Not in the white house full time trump's wife Melania and 10-year-old son Barron who will be finishing the school year in New York. Until then, trump tells "The new York Times," they'll come down on the weekends. She'll come down on Thursdays and stay. Reporter: Your predecessor used to talk about finishing the day to get to his family upstairs. The stairwell is right over here to have dinner with them and know the first lady, Melania, has a big job in New York taking care of Barron. She does, yes. Does it make it a lonely place? No, because I end up working longer and that's okay. I mean, I'm working long hours. I mean, the country has a lot of problems. It has a lot. The new president seems to be marveling at the smallest details saying the white house phones are the most beautiful phones I have ever used in my life. Now while he gets to used to life there motorcading wherever he goes on the streets of D.C. His former residence in new York, trump tower, will also have safety precautions put in place, trump tower now will have permanent flight restrictions and enhanced physical security. Guys. All right. Thanks so much.

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{"duration":"3:17","description":"Trump took his first flight on Air Force One and told ABC News what it feels like to work in the Oval Office, as Melania Trump and their son, Barron Trump, remain in New York City.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"45084541","title":"Trumps Adjust to Life as the First Family","url":"/GMA/video/trumps-adjust-life-family-45084541"}