Tsarnaev Met Former Chechen Rebel 3 Times

A former Chechen rebel granted asylum to live in the U.S. denies any connection to Boston bombings.
2:17 | 05/17/13

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Transcript for Tsarnaev Met Former Chechen Rebel 3 Times
Now to new insight into the surviving boston bombing suspect in his own words, a note he scrawled inside the boat where he laid bleeding may now shed some light on a motive. Abc's brian ross is here with what authorities found and a possible overseas connection to russian militants. Good morning, brian. Reporter: That russian connection continues to be an unresolved area of investigation for the fbi in the bombing case. Overnight we learned about an intriguing connection between the dead bombing suspect and former chechen militant rebel who was given asylum to live in the united states. He lives in this apartment in manchester, new hampshire, where the fbi confirms it carried out a search warrant earlier this week. His name is moussa hajimorita. He told them the fbi took a dna sample and fingerprints and were much less friendly than they were at first. Yesterday you were treated more as a suspect. Right. Exactly. Reporter: He said he had met with tamerlan tsarnaev about three times including once just a month before the bombings but he denies any involvement in the attack. I believe they thinking like he's coming here to new hampshire or I try to help him or do something. Reporter: Meantime, federal law enforcement officials say they have an important new piece of evidence. The scrawls of the younger brother, dzhokhar tsarnaev inside the boat where he was hiding. We have movement in the boat. Reporter: He cursed america and wrote several others that americans deserved to die because of wars in iraq and afghanistan. Whatever he has written on the side of that boat with can be used against him in a court of law. Reporter: The most important evidence may be those photos that authorities say shows dzhokhar with hat on backwards about to plant the bomb that would kill 8-year-old martin richard and maim the two norden brother, paul and j.P., Each of whom lost a leg. Paul finally left the hospital thursday with his mother asking who could do this kind of thing? I just can't imagine how somebody could do something to these innocent people. Reporter: Both brothers, paul and j.P. Are undergoing rehab together at the same place and they said they'll resume their basketball rivalry and be back on the court within a year. George and amy.

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{"id":19199883,"title":"Tsarnaev Met Former Chechen Rebel 3 Times","duration":"2:17","description":"A former Chechen rebel granted asylum to live in the U.S. denies any connection to Boston bombings.","url":"/GMA/video/tsarnaev-met-chechen-rebel-times-19199883","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}