TV Chef Nigella Lawson on Fraud Trial: 'I Will Survive This'

Lawson speaks out for first time since trial, now faces police investigation of drug use.
3:00 | 12/23/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for TV Chef Nigella Lawson on Fraud Trial: 'I Will Survive This'
First the latest on nigella lawson from dan. She's been pretty mum recently. After a bruising couple of months, she's now speaking for the first time about her plans for the future. However, new developments over the weekend could make moving forward tricky. Going by the orgasmiv faces she makes for this promo for "the taste" she's ready to move on from an excruciating year. One that involves pictures of her now ex-husband grabbing her by the throat and the grueling trial of her two assistants, acquitted just last week on charges of bilking hundreds of thousands of dollars. Speaking through her publy sis to a british publication, she said the past months have been extremely difficult. I'm looking forward to getting back to work and looking after my family. I will get through this. In an interview, she takes an apparent jab at ex-husband charles saatchi. A superrich man known to have weird eating habits. I don't find it odd. Fear on flesh -- british police announced overthe weekend they'll take a look at her admissions that she used marijuana and cocaine. One of her asis tapts said lawson let her teenage children smoke weed. On the stand, lawson denied being an addict. Saying she smoked an occasional joint and used cocaine a hanful of times. The idea that I'm a drug addict or habitual cocare user is absurd. She's angry at her ex-husband who she blames for spreading those stories. Her plang for revenge is to succeed with her new show starting here on abc and her publisher pr er ro er promising to reissue her cookboox. She was the alleged victim here. Now the authorities are talking about possibly invest xwat gating her for drug use and social services possibly coming in. She's admitted to use drugs on a few occasions. If we start investigating everyone that uses drugs on a few occasions. Is there going to be an investigation? They have to say there is an investigation. There is not. They've made it clear they are not going to charge her. You get allegations like this, you want to make it clear, we don't give anyone special treatment. We're going to look into this. Social services will be involved. I think that sends a horrible message. So much bad blood between saatchi and lawson. He threatened to try to get this money back. Part of the reason was to make sure she testified in this case. I don't think there's a chance he'll sue her for the money. It was a threat from his lawyer. You listen to what he said in the testimony. If he were to sue, that could be used against him. He was defensive and protective in his testimony in connection with this case because she did become the one on trial here. You look back who suffered the most, it was nigella lawson. And he pulled back some of the charges of drug abuse in the end. Now to phil robertson.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Lawson speaks out for first time since trial, now faces police investigation of drug use.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21308104","title":"TV Chef Nigella Lawson on Fraud Trial: 'I Will Survive This'","url":"/GMA/video/tv-chef-nigella-lawson-fraud-trial-survive-21308104"}