Ty Burrell Talks 'Finding Dory'

The actor discusses voicing Bailey the beluga whale in the new Disney/Pixar animated film.
2:15 | 06/17/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ty Burrell Talks 'Finding Dory'
Ty Burrell is a friend of the family. Always makes us laugh on "Modern family." Now everybody is excited about "Finding dory." Right on cue getting big latches on the screen too getting them on the big screen and juju Chang actually sat down with him to reveal how he made the transition. That's it, pity party is over. Reporter: Ty Burrell knows a thing or two about modern families. I know you're talking about me, destiny. Reporter: Only fitting he would jump at the chance to sign on to "Finding dory." When I heard I was getting a call to Pixar I answered yes I'll do it, who is this? Reporter: It's a tale with a modern twist on what it really means to be family. I think "Finding memo" set that tone in not having to look the same to be a family. There is a strong theme in the movie about people with flaws and that you can kind of make each other whole through friendship. I hit pie head very hard. Reporter: He voices Bailey, a beluga whale who at first loses confidence. I know you're talking about me, destiny. Reporter: What do you relate to it? I relate to a lot which is telling. He's neurotic. You relate to being neurotic in in a way, oh, now I'm home. Now I'm home. Reporter: Burrell says he brought that neurosis to his character and then some. One, two, don't move! What did you do to prep to be Bailey? The echo location thing, I was practicing in the car and I'm making these sounds trying to come up with an echo location and I can tell people in the cars around me, basically they feel like when I'm pulling up that there's like a clinically depressed ambulance somewhere in the vicinity because I'm going ewwwww. Reporter: And the results -- Ewww, I feel stupid. Reporter: See for yourself. Now I know you're talking about me. Reporter: For "Good morning America," juju Chang, ABC news, Los Angeles.

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{"duration":"2:15","description":"The actor discusses voicing Bailey the beluga whale in the new Disney/Pixar animated film.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"39922586","title":"Ty Burrell Talks 'Finding Dory'","url":"/GMA/video/ty-burrell-talks-finding-dory-39922586"}