U2's Bono Putting on Auction to Fight AIDS

The singer teamed up with top designers Sir Jonathan Ive and Marc Newson for the charity event.
3:00 | 11/22/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for U2's Bono Putting on Auction to Fight AIDS
Test Text1 plain Now, to the exclusive and, well, literally red-hot interview with bono. The superstar, helping stage a very special auction of 44 remarkable objects. And all of the money going to a very good cause. And george sat down with bono and two of the world's greatest designers to discuss it all. Reporter: Behind the scenes here at sotheby's, everybody's hyped up for a one-of-a-kind auction, hosted by bono's red organization. All will go to fund the fight against aids. Where does this come from the three of you getting together and saying, let's put together a show? Alcohol. And these are two of the best designers in the world. Reporter: Jonathan ives designed the ipod. And marc has designed from jumbo jets to cars and restaurants. The stuff that we love. And the stuff that turns us on as people, being designers. It was a fantastic process. It was an enjoyable thing. You call them the elvis and beatles of design. Who is elvis? That's a good question. Reporter: The items being auctioned off, includes this camera, designed by ive and newson. Listed at $5,000. Reinvented the wheel. Reporter: A custom fiat. ♪ Lovers at first sight ♪ Reporter: A steinway piano. A bottle of dom perignon from 1966. You choosed '66, dom perignon. We took it -- I mean, how deep did you go into that? It took about two years. Reporter: Lots of laughter and fun for a serious goal. And, bono, you said from the start, that part of your goal with red was to create heat and excitement. Yeah. It's a political tool, red. Not just to raise money and will, but to raise public awareness, which helps keep the fight against hiv/aids, a political priority. This disease has cost 34 million lives. There's a chance in the next few years, if we stay concentrated, we can actually see the beginning of the end of aids. Reporter: And with the help of these design world rock star, bono is convinced they will make it. Quite a team for us today. Good people doing very, very good things. Thanks to george, for that.

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{"id":20977885,"title":"U2's Bono Putting on Auction to Fight AIDS","duration":"3:00","description":"The singer teamed up with top designers Sir Jonathan Ive and Marc Newson for the charity event. ","url":"/GMA/video/u2s-bono-putting-auction-fight-aids-20977885","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}