Ukraine Crisis: Helicopters Shot Down

Conflict in Eastern Ukraine escalates dramatically with fighting between government and pro-Russian forces.
2:27 | 05/02/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ukraine Crisis: Helicopters Shot Down
We turn to the breaking news in Ukraine. The fierce fighting between the government and pro-russian forces. Two Ukrainian helicopters shot down this morning. And Muhammad Lila has the story. Reporter: This morning, at least two Ukrainian helicopters, shot down. Both pilots dead. The smoke seen for miles. As this Ukrainian activist video shows, parts are a war zone. Russian separatists who have taken control here, responding with force. Setting their checkpoints on fire. For weeks, cities and towns have been falling like dominos. Armed separatists, storming in and taking over. This morning, the u.s.-supported Ukrainian military finally saying, enough is enough. It all comes in response to this. The anger level here has exploded. We're seeing petrol bombs, tear gas. They're storming the prosecutor's compound. Riot police so terrified, using their own shields to barricade themselves in. The mob stripping them of weapons and armor. And parading the police out in shame, one at a time. And now, with today's new violence, it's the most dangerous escalation next. The next step, an all-out civil war. Muhammad Lila, ABC news, eastern Ukraine. The crisis in Ukraine, high on president Obama's agenda today. He will be meeting with a key european ally. Jon Karl is there right now. Angela murkle. Tough every sanctions can't continue if she doesn't go along. Reporter: Germany is the key player. Germany is Russia's largest trading partner with Europe. More than twice the entire United States comes through Germany. As one senior official told me just a short while ago, there's no question that economic sanctions are more effective when they're done in coordination with Europe. If the United States is going to go forward with another round of broader sanctions against Germany -- against Russia, Germany has got to be there with the U.S. There's been a lot of pushback from corporations, both here and in Germany. Reporter: Yeah. There's no question about that. Germany has been a reluctant partner here. It's not just the corporations that have deep ties with Russia. It's also oil and gas. Germany gets one-third of its oil, one-third of its gas from Russia. They have a lot to lose with tougher sanctions. Let's go to Amy with today's other top stories. Good morning, everyone.

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{"duration":"2:27","description":"Conflict in Eastern Ukraine escalates dramatically with fighting between government and pro-Russian forces.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23558551","title":"Ukraine Crisis: Helicopters Shot Down","url":"/GMA/video/ukraine-crisis-helicopters-shot-23558551"}