Undercover NYPD Cop Charged in Biker SUV Assault

Det. Wojciech Braszczok, 32, was charged with riot and criminal mischief in the Sept. 29 incident.
2:36 | 10/09/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Undercover NYPD Cop Charged in Biker SUV Assault
It's bizarre twist in that assault case involving a group of motorcyclists here in New York City. Not only wasn't undercover police detective on the scene he allegedly took part in the assault. He will be in court to face charges against him today NBC's Larry Jacobs has more. An off duty NYPD detective taken into custody Tuesday evening now facing -- and criminal mischief charges. Boy check brash talk was undercover when he was allegedly caught on a video obtained by internal affairs. Kicking and punching out the rear window of that -- involved in last month's clash. The group of bikers along Manhattan's upper west side. This is the latest in a string of arrests stemming from the assault on alexion -- and his family. And the investigation. Is going forward we -- anticipated. They're trying more people. Raj -- ten year veteran of the force is the second detectives believed to have been among the writers we have put. -- please focus on modified assignment. The involvement of NYPD officers -- another level of complexity to his -- Just over a week ago dozens of -- slow down swarming Leon's Range Rover after a bumped -- -- -- while driving along a New York City highway. Some of the riders dismounted their bikes and approached the car attacking and then damaging it -- and his wife claims feared for the family's lives took off. Running over a motorcyclist and his path that man now paralyzed. The chase -- the league and eventually getting snarled -- street traffic trapped there is up by her shattered the driver's window with his helmet while. Others polian from the car beating and kicking into the ground with five arrests already more likely to come -- -- so far has not been charged with any crime. Larry Jacobs ABC news New York. The story gets deeper and deeper and deeper and senate committee is every day he's -- that would happen at the problem if you lie. I mean number 18 there are lots of problems he should have immediately -- did and said wait a second police officer let -- can get this whole situation -- an -- all the probably would have been smartest thing to do all the bad and say let's hold it now he says he was undercover and he didn't -- -- blow his cover that's what all the police officers apparently part of this viking -- said. It's what do you guys think and again custody -- forums on the -- -- accredited start. But this guy apparently unlike the other two police officers according to the investigators so far he was right there are part of the assault. Hitting the car with the other bikers and apparently he originally told his supervisors that he was there helping and some good samaritans -- helping him help so he -- We'll let that courts decide all the stuff that's the safest way to do it but yeah.

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{"id":20514800,"title":"Undercover NYPD Cop Charged in Biker SUV Assault","duration":"2:36","description":"Det. Wojciech Braszczok, 32, was charged with riot and criminal mischief in the Sept. 29 incident.","url":"/GMA/video/undercover-nypd-cop-charge-biker-suv-assault-20514800","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}