University of New Hampshire Student Nearly Abducted

Police urge fellow students to remain cautious after a young woman was nearly snatched off the street.
1:50 | 09/01/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for University of New Hampshire Student Nearly Abducted
news, a terrifying attempted abduction at the university of New Hampshire. She was nearly natched off the street before her friends saved her. Police on high alert and this college community is shaken just as students are returning to campus. This morning, university of new Hampshire students on edge after a woman allegedly escaped abduction near campus Friday morning. She was walking home when she said three military-looking men pulled up next to her in a tan sedan. There was an attempt to introduce themselves to her, and when that failed, it was a little bit more aggressive. Reporter: Two allegedly grabbing her by the arm, trying to throw her inside. Their plan fold when her friends arrived. They drove off. It's pretty scary, we live right around the corner. Stay together at night and feel safer because there are cops everywhere. That could be me one day. Walking to my friends house, and if you're alone, there's nothing you can do. She was lucky she had her guy friends walk by. Reporter: Parents concerned. The incident happening the same day students arrived on campus. Downloading live safe, designed to send tips to police in real time. And a safe walk option that alerts authorities if you divert. Reports are that she was not injured, and the men are still at large and they have no leads at this moment. The incident prompted school officials to send an e-mail to students telling them what to do to stay safe. Classes start tomorrow, use common sense and be aware of the environment. Scary, especially for parents dropping off their kids. Thinking, oh, my goodness. An extraordinary survival

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{"duration":"1:50","description":"Police urge fellow students to remain cautious after a young woman was nearly snatched off the street.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"25201304","title":"University of New Hampshire Student Nearly Abducted","url":"/GMA/video/university-hampshire-student-abducted-25201304"}