Unlocking the Hidden Doors Inside the Biltmore Estate

Explore what's behind the mysterious concealed doors in the Billiard Room, Library, Vanderbilt's bedroom and more.
20:45 | 11/06/15

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Transcript for Unlocking the Hidden Doors Inside the Biltmore Estate
Hello ABC news digital arm right Norman at the worst in Asheville, North Carolina today on did you tour. Behind the ropes that something in doorways and in an past ways yet here so we're Gannett. Get started this is the home at George Washington Vanderbilt is one of the Vanderbilt he was Cornelius Vanderbilt grandson he bill. That worst day on. A hundred and when he 5000 acres industries some programs at 250 rooms and I can actually put out this broken its value some of my favorites are gonna start here. In the winter garden this was a rings you know that tropical plant. All around me is what's pop and collect plants keep them all year long so whether it was in. The wintertime snow advocates plants one of the coolest. Right. Track to heart rate here is down below. Is where they pot at all the plants and so they don't want to bring those pot plants up the grand staircase is there anything yet so they can pop them all down there. Bring them up steep ladder through this trap door and up into this for a so that trap doors pretty interesting at its current remarkable just like the floors that's pretty pretty heavy doors today we happens create a right under me. Is where the staircase was and that's where they would bring it all. So after the product plants they lose the trap two hours and no one. Would really noticed it was an out Lance it was a release a particular but it just makes it go and landed in the law so pretty cool area. We're gonna move on to the billiard room and see our next. In ways that actually couple it weighs in next in line. Now as we DC the lovely winter garden ceiling. Which is that last screen. Building. When right around. The home is a 175000. Square feet. So it is about more acres. And real. It was an area where they guessed it and quit school prepared. Him here you are seeing Christmas tree here at today's efforts here Christmas without. 43. Which would you we have right it is still behind him. Into the news grip. Pass the pool table. And see that first hidden doorway. So we're going to go right around. You are do away right over here. Here. Let's bottom. It's hard granite. It's like all. Handling this rate since closest you hate so it just. Blends in with you know Applebee's Norway's ticket prices but. To lure. And absolutely right into the smoking room. Which is great American. We'll take a peek in there. And the familiar at a rate that you know me smoking. Rate here is my mind. Favorite is that ultimately of books that's our. Have some rain it's just nice that it. That industry and I think it's O. And come back out. Threw that into her away. So how to go after him again. Whoever Clark's room in the house which is that all it really won't dining room. And it's awesome but. A forty foot might Christmas tree with just leagues I've locked creative. United didn't see it all rail lines but this is the forty foot like Christmas and of course and Eric Tom Green. Supports and cares brings up to the front audience yet that. Pretty day out about twenty people lifted up bring in the big law. Lifted up into place in this room is pretty impressive seven feet tall ceiling it's my Wii Fit equity but live tree in here. And it's can't smell it's ready can't smell it. But a whole room is filled time with you. Now. And that's rumored against me it's that normal done immediately span. It can be about forty feet long and see the table raid over here. So even get the size of their right now if you're expecting where people. You can make hit. Larger and use. All of the C on the back pleaded. And of course a big really can't just have one fire place yet create fireplaces amongst all the Christmas trees of the here. So it was three men it was just their full time job to chop firewood for the fireplaces is 65 fireplaces. In built warehouse of these appropriate. Really you'd never in the side simply be taught the fireplace going it really makes it pretty those. Back behind this piece of there was the butler's entries that's for all the food would come out. They had about one footman for retreat gas a they tried to serve them all the same time. They would have typically sometimes eight to ten different courses you can imagine just all the different. They haven't eaten horse seat courts at desert course to all these different courses going on imagine just. How keeping track that servants in the Butler that was a pretty full time job. So let's say you don't want you in a formal diners like this want to eat more it from a diner and that's worried that next to the breakfast for a so we're still walking around the winter guard and up here you. Idea. And the practice through it if normal. Path and it will spend slather of all red Italian Mara. I'm not really what we think that informal like today you can see it right here is where they had practiced luncheons typically. And I'm reps get me. It was sealed a bit I'm. Or. And just north of right back Bob and so again this nor has any business whether. And ran Italian marble alignment so it goes right back to the butler's pantry and I'd love to take you back there but if you look at opinion on it this is a rental prop eight. And it because I want in I don't want to open up this particular rob. But what is happening here this store opening all the servants. Certainly gas in the breakfast room. Hear that brass doorknob. Then you would just pull that opened it up. Go back to bring that dirty place. Bring all who doubts that it was a pretty popular. Net and outside of breakfast group already heading into the salon next. Which is straight over here. Again another Christmas for you have to really getting key at a Christmas. Again that's the dates are pretty excited about that. But the slot is an area where people come and relax after dinner when my favorite things about this that you look at the ceiling. The draperies. Let me this thing out every room ceiling pretty impressive different. Enemy. Yet. And process here you'll see it here at lap user outward through her prints. George Vanderbilt who built our house lot lifting rates. An hour through this period payments in these girls in the press that it. We continue props. It. We're now heading to the other side experts wherever you go into the longest room in the house which is. We. What Christmas trees and making out. The tapestry gallery that's ninety possibly app or Christmas trees. In here but this with me. To display the top stories they've sixteenth century Flemish tapestries we have prudence. Me. At first it was all sad and hurt it is so prudent spay and stared down at the end. There's really an exquisitely in this senate root against the comet lacks the upgrade here. Here you can open up doors without loads which is pretty much but was back porch on the left that they can access. They just beautiful new program. But answered more of this latest read me. You know I just briefly pointless. The little dark hopefully we won't see them first while all the way. I'm left inside that Stewart whose mothers who are being asked Marie at least it's. That was nearby Johnson's artistry export cars to allot the US presidents. If you look over and you're right you'll see. A painting to a display eat it. George was actually absolutely house you can believe that this is the and he married Edith stacks and dressers. In 1898. Human get. The painting right above the library that's Stewart Mandel and others Johnson yours are electing a lot about that Haiti's he's holding up well in his. And George lottery. So he just did what any elaborate. Let's see what it is they. Higher. This remiss filled with books there's over 101000 books in here. Which was not all of the books that Georgia yet about what he house so this the united fit after this election but this trip. Is really really. So this system is really really impressive. There's a second level up there one of the things a lot about it doesn't keep going up. There's a ceiling pain. And that was Tina practical agree. He candidate in Venice Italy for a house on palace. George saw the painting and this is a great any what happens in my life. So keep body shifted over its payment campus. He eats peanut butter beans separate campuses. They took the campus is down a ceiling heralded up chipped it over here to ask for North Carolina and it put it up on the ceilings and just really really impressive. So one thing about here is the fireplace is about sixty talked six feet deep is the largest part place but it is our staircase next to it's that's where rain. At connect. Yeah we're gonna take you guys assignment reps most people don't. Britain is like. The library this. Both. Everywhere you look at. You are. I'll post grad. And asked about two weeks and he's pretty active reader. So that they want to go up to the second level. They go up this process is artist expire rustic cases are pretty pretty cool so we're gonna head up the spouse their case and it appeared. Up to the second level which again is filled with more books. Says that he can. So. So what I love about here's assuming any minute to separate humans it is cost carrier for a room with us. She's written elect. And this kid you not because few of the books so where you can. Look at some of them up here. All leather bound. George clinics have it was an avid collector books this. In addition to reading some books. One thing cool about this area is to get to the other part of second level you have to go behind the fire place. They've been great here because behind higher place so this is how guests who come to this area. It opened the door. And straight across to the other side. And their citizens the right at least to some the guest bedrooms on the second Wheeler so. If guests were in their rooms like admit that I wanted to book woman. Where her nightgown. Come through here crap but in the back of terror program which is on on domestic issue with a hat. To get fully dressed this election is slip in and I can have a book and then come back up and see. A long time deciding what book you want to read with 101000 books. That's pretty me. So we're gonna head back down. Property. Is pretty cool. And as you see solid Christmas trees one thing that's interesting that it takes about three weeks for all the trees and there are fully decorated. Here people wandered from craft that are here now there on the and then redecorating next here every year at different team and this year's theme is ubiquitous. So get us some perspective of this fire place. If the fire that are doing what was sitting here minutes could be next stand outside Matt how much will it yeah it's hate to tell us are it's. So we're good head back out. As a UI like this little break here. And this is Georgia's recruiting gloat eight. Yet every all the countries names and different elegant look out Hawaii's policy and much violence today. We have President Obama can't hunters back and this is when things that fascinated him the most. Get on out back to happen again. Back over here. And if they began at nine feet long so what's the link up home base to first base for baseball and so just a pretty. Pretty longer it can be seen. Here Christmas. Home is always amazes me decorated and furnished with all the original furnishings it's about thirty. Thousand objects we have in the house. But it's just amazing. That you know when Christmas comes out of these trees and just unit picket when becoming more magnificent but it really really. Then head back around here in the entrance hall right now. We're getting a grant today. We spent here and this is a pretty impressed here. This is always more clearly exceeded chandelier. He got here to chandelier weighs about seventeen under. Almost. And this area peace can only lead into the law so almost looks like. Floating up there works is every sense. Pipes and lines and goes right through the law to the outside and it's the waited long holdings. This. Beautiful and possibly in there you're being that each night I hop we get its way. Bills. So let's have a clear. Second. Around the you know what's. That second. This film veterans council patently while they were asked to relax its personnel and yet see massive. Pop. Well p.'s. How the hat askew elevators these were elected elevators interviews by blues. This is the doorway to erect yet he still works today and still on the same order. So that would. Or if they Wear their seat. Back to be taking care act you mother riding the elevator. We're going to come out here. Is he went effort you don't get me started February. And different wedding dresses and costumes featured in different movies were excited about that this was when it offers that address and and she is in this little obvious scenario that it was area where guests come today when it's ready. It would meet here beforehand. And then heads that think so what's so much room where you sit back relax and the book is much more formally deathly areas we can sit back read books. We're gonna come through this. But we're here. You know. This season. The masters week in this Stewart. And those bedrooms with bats and then. He Piltz. He got married accident Edith in this area as well the me right here. Yeah. Starting spot Stanley entertainment Henry's radio here and tourists he got a little boy. And it will enhance been happening. So we're Gannett. Coming to Georgia's bedroom right now. These stores better what pink. Before to a pet hospital he wanted to make sure and the builders want to make sure that he had a nice views that they don't it's happening right in this area. And showed George this clip at you from your veterans going to be this is pretty yet so this is you know where that. It's that are here and another lapse into our late. Hear what he's. Yet. So I did a step against one thinking or see us some perspective. So again this whose lives annual but this is all operating gold leaf. So I'm pretty impressive closet where. If you look inside it's fun to see lots clothing and this is absolutely. Bizarre here peaches and let you Lou ward. We have different boxes that that put stored in boxes. Your goal range and some boxes up here T. If you don't mind whenever traveling. This at all happy active by surveys and sometimes they would change post reader or ice dance all those. Happy acts and they trust and steam trots. It's it's a pretty pretty impressive. I hope this deal on a taste of just. Some of the heat in past weeks and Norway's but warehouse that I appreciate an ABC news digital Mathieu. Honestly. Oh not. Eight.

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