Unorthodox 'Jeopardy' Star Talks Strategy

Arthur Chu, the controversial "Jeopardy" champ, discusses his plans for his nearly $300,000 winnings.
3:00 | 03/13/14

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Transcript for Unorthodox 'Jeopardy' Star Talks Strategy
The "Jeopardy" champion who won close to $300,000 of course, the answer is, who is Arthur Chu? The great one. The daily double seeking trigger buzzer fingering fellow is here now to tell us how he became one of the biggest, one of the most controversial winners in the game's history but first let's take a look back at his amazing run. Last night the reign of Arthur Chu as the mastermind "Jeopardy" champion ended. It's going to cost you 6400 dropping you to zero. Reporter: As one of the most successful runs in "Jeopardy" history ended. An 11-game winning streak which Chu raked in close to 300 thousand how. Arthur's game. Reporter: From the beginning this polarizing contestant stirred controversy with his unorthodox strategy. Who is Dr. Mo rchreau. Reporter: The tactics are simple. Number one, what are daily doubles? Go to the higher Numbers hunting for those money makers. Tactic number two, what is the Forrest bounce. My regards -- Named after a former contestant it means bouncing from category to category hoping to throw off opponents. And tactic number three, what is the buzzer system? Real easy important one. Get buzzed in first. Arthur? But after a few missteps -- What is the two pen in I opera. No. Reporter: Even this most extraordinary thing had to come to an end. David Chu -- Arthur Chu. Arthur, it was compulsively watchable. Thank you. And for really the reasons we just stated. This unconventional strategy of yours but this is something that you actually did a lot of research into. Right, right. I spent a lot of time -- well, it wasn't a lot of time because I had 30 days between being called and know I would be on the show. There is a huge community of "Jeopardy" fan, past "Jeopardy" champions that talk about this stuff just sitting around and discuss the games as they come on every night and immerse yourself in the culture and find out about strategies like that, you know and put together the pieces. It sort of paid off, almost 300 granldz. How did your family reacty. My mom was really happy. She was there watching all my games. She lives in L.A. I called my wife and said I have some disappointing news, some bad news. I'm going to have to take another day off work and fly out here again and she was -- actually got her for a second. She almost fainted. Have you thought about how you'll spend the money? I've thought about it. The main thing is, you know, don't want to do anything crazy or stupid. I have been strategic and want to in the future. We do want to go to China. She's never been and want to see relatives I haven't seen for a very long time and, you know, maybe start thinking about buying a house in the future. There you go. I do want -- we are, in fact, will be joined by another great "Jeopardy" champion. He had a message for you. So do we have it? Hi, Arthur, this is he, ken, Jennings, I just wanted to say you have nothing to be ashamed of. Congratulations. You were on the show for a long time. You were on the show for -- you were on the show for how many games? For 11 games? You were on the show for 11 games. 11! I do 11 like before lunch. I wonder as I walk back into the social square. Somebody like ken Jennings, he loomed for you. I know that was a guy that motivated you as you were pushing along. We're going to walk him in. I know you've been -- it is not easy taking these questions live he here. What do you say we give that another pull. It's "Gma" "Jeopardy" time. All right. Meanwhile, viewers, not something you can study. Playwrights. This Irish born playwright is the only one to win an Oscar and Nobel prize for literature. I need the answer in the form of a question. Who is George Bernard Shaw? Who is George Bernard Shaw. The quick answer. Ah. The one, the only. And you are back. Arthur, seriously, congratulations. Thank you for playing in social square.

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{"id":22894328,"title":"Unorthodox 'Jeopardy' Star Talks Strategy","duration":"3:00","description":"Arthur Chu, the controversial \"Jeopardy\" champ, discusses his plans for his nearly $300,000 winnings.","url":"/GMA/video/unorthodox-jeopardy-star-talks-strategy-22894328","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}