US Government's Secret Surveillance Program Leaked

President Obama responds to outrage over internet, phone surveillance program.
3:16 | 06/08/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for US Government's Secret Surveillance Program Leaked
It would be hard to imagine a more high stakes -- -- tent overnight the presidents of the two most powerful and populous nations on -- sitting down face to face. And hanging over this US China summit the raging controversy over the American government -- -- our phone calls and Internet surfing. And this question who is leaking all of these documents ABC's Jim -- -- covering it all from Palm Springs, California right now and in good morning. Good morning Dan this is not a formal summit signaled by their lack of neckties in the participants. In the palm tree location far from the White House. But the subject matter between president she China and President Obama could not be any more formal or serious. Together they governed one in five people in the world arguably the two most powerful economies on the plan. Red states welcomes. The continuing peaceful rise of China as a world power how. Competitive been wary of each other the United States and China also depend upon each other for trade and diplomacy. United States counting on China to rein in North Korea's nuclear -- was. -- in the United States interest. That trying to continues on the path -- success. Okay. -- No longer are these two superpowers on the brink of outright war. But the United States is concerned about China's use of computer hacking to steal corporate and government secrets a cyber war. And it's critical as two of the largest economies. And military -- in the world that China and the United States arrives -- -- -- understanding. Of how we work together on these issues. It's a touchy subject made even more touchy by the revelations of US intelligence agencies. Gathering cyber information on their own people. Through phone records and foreigners through the Internet is that make -- -- more difficult for us to tell the Chinese they shouldn't be looking at our computers. I would imagine that the Chinese would bring that up to the president to have a conversation but does that complicate matters for the Americans I think so I think -- -- and the timing of the. The president she says that China itself has been a victim of cyber warfare itself and they are anxious to solve the issue. President Obama said they've only disgusted so far and the 40000 foot level we'll delve more into it today. -- a very touchy subject you -- -- thank you and at a separate presidential event yesterday they want where the president addressed the domestic spying controversy for the first time. There was a bit of a lighter moment we wanted to show you. There's only one problem and that is that my remarks are not sitting here. -- I'm gonna. Answer question. At the end of the remarks but -- -- to make sure that we get the remarks. People. Yeah unclear though whether he's joking or a little bit angry there are some sort of mixed but it was a very very bad day probably very sweaty day for somebody working in the back office of the plant and lay folks -- not home is that when Dan doesn't have his papers in front -- and people -- capital of the guests -- Did you wanna go out prompting online -- when I do that nobody gets nervous.

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{"id":19354506,"title":"US Government's Secret Surveillance Program Leaked","duration":"3:16","description":"President Obama responds to outrage over internet, phone surveillance program.","url":"/GMA/video/us-governments-secret-surveillance-program-leaked-19354506","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}