Teacher Uses 1988 Predictions for 2013 in USC Technology Class

Jerry Lockenour, Students discusses the Las Angeles Magazine article written 25 years ago.
4:14 | 03/21/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Teacher Uses 1988 Predictions for 2013 in USC Technology Class
Yes OK and this is something that I saw a couple days ago and I. Had to reach out. We're gonna go back in April 1980. It's almost obviously 25 years to the -- ago plus the cover of -- -- times magazine. Had this. And it was. It caught the attention of Jerry -- He's an engineering director at the time the article. It was one of those that predicts what the world -- I love -- so it look what will the world look like 25 years from now being the year 23. TD right. 25 years later than it is fair to say this thing is still making an impression because -- lots of hours now profess -- At USC fight on and he's using the story to help -- his engineering students the relevant. Technology developments of -- technology we're happy to happen now joined by a couple of the students. Via -- there from the USC and Jerry I have to -- when I saw this I mean. It's one of those -- -- did you have to diving just to see where we were right where we weren't so right. What struck you. Not just -- but what struck you about this article now. Well I guess two things one that they were right on target on many of the topics. Some of them are here yet to the degree that they projected they would be by this point right so they debate over predicted. We're technology would -- and 2013. But pretty much on target I think concerns of the the general trend that they were forecast. And some of them are like what like flying cars that was one of the things right. Well but -- topics that I -- -- students focus on worst Smart cars. Robots in the home. Hi -- teaching. And then there was a quite a -- coverage on the demographics of Los Angeles and 23 teams jobs schools pollution crime and things of that sort. We've -- -- the Smart cars I mean we've obviously does he knows the robots in the home I mean we're not necessarily at Jackson's level where we have. What ever nameless but rolled around rosy -- -- but what are we right now with robot technology especially as it applies to daily life. Well. He robots are quite pervasive now in in factories. In touch a -- good jobs and things of that sort. -- -- being used in surgery in the hospitals. But we really haven't -- the home yet to the extent that was forecast in this article. I don't know I've got one cleaning my carpet ready perhaps a little. I don't know I'm Brooke I want to bring your students and guys what do you what do you make. This article then and now. -- -- Am got the boot and it isn't as big golf I am -- insanity. Doing college -- 90%. Making -- bags and preparing coffee and everything so. We're not. There -- yes. But that he is not without some -- -- bullets for those. Growers are not only the devices -- -- -- that human rights now. Legs and arms. They could be like if I CC I am not trying capsule so when I was sort of pro models that I can vacuum cleaners wound yeah. Bob that he -- docile and I would outlaw many of the masons. Note actor -- looks like. -- being blocked Aaron for an. For many very resistant -- -- -- -- -- -- they were on the were more on the monument not -- any any if you look at that picture the architecture at that time really wouldn't have been possible but those buildings are all over now we look at that -- -- that thin sleek like knife blade architecture. That is now on skyline more and more and that's what downtown Los Angeles a stone's throw from USC's actually looked like dot till I can now are and you -- -- we really appreciate you -- -- -- -- and this again. Fast made an article up for everybody out there. On the Internet is Google it because you know about the Google and its terrific district that we want to thank you -- for joining us -- thank you.

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{"id":18781961,"title":"Teacher Uses 1988 Predictions for 2013 in USC Technology Class","duration":"4:14","description":"Jerry Lockenour, Students discusses the Las Angeles Magazine article written 25 years ago.","url":"/GMA/video/usc-technology-students-study-1988-predictions-2013-article-18781961","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}