Utah Parents Detail Failed Kidnapping of Their Young Daughter

Aaron and Stephanie Edson describe the moments after the kidnapper snatched the girl right out of her bed.
6:16 | 11/10/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Utah Parents Detail Failed Kidnapping of Their Young Daughter
new Te tails about the family tragedy averted. A brave stepdad rescuing his 5-year-old. We're going to talk to the thankful parents in a moment. Reporter: This morning, 48-year-old troy Morley is locked in a Utah jail cell. There was man in my home. And he took my 5-year-old daughter. Reporter: Morley allegedly walked in an unlocked door near Salt Lake City on Friday, kidnapping their 5-year-old daughter from her basement bedroom. The commotion woke them. We heard the front door open and I heard her talking. She's just the sweetest little thing and I heard her voice and we ran out. Reporter: Just in time, Aaron confronted Morley with the girl on the front lawn. He dropped her and ran off. She looks like she's still dressed and efrl. Reporter: He's been booked on charges of kidnapping, burglary, kidnapping, and resisting aresz. He's not entered a plea. For "Good morning America," Clayton Sandell, ABC news, los Angeles. All right, Clayton, thank you very much. Joining us now, speaking for the first time about that experience, Aaron and Stephanie holiday Edson. Good morning to you both. So good to see you. How is Lanie doing? She's doing very well. They said she's happy and skipping. I know that has to be an answer to prayer. How are you two doing? I'm doing a lot better today, as the days go by. But, I've been emotionally devastated as a mother. You ne, we have -- we have had a very close call. It's been something we wouldn't ever wish upon anyone. But if it has to happen, this is the way that it needs to end. It's just perfect. We're so grateful. Take us back, Aaron, to when you knew something wasn't quite right. That was my wife and her woman's intuition. Sensitivity. I, we were asleep. And I woke up. Not to a noise, nothing woke me up. And I looked at my cell phone. It was next to my bed. It was 4:07 A.M. I remember thinking, I'm not tired. I'm awake. This is weird. Because -- you know -- and I was fully mentally alert. And because I was awake, I was able to hear the things that were able to save my daughter. Such as? Such as, um, so I heard just kind of a dull thud. And then I could hear Lani erks's voice. I couldn't make out what she was saying. But she's my little talker. She has a minor physical handicap. With that comes a very specific gait pattern that I know. And there was no footsteps. Her voice without her walk. And -- I knew something was wrong. And I yelled to Aaron, I said, she's outside. She's outside. And, he immediately ran outside while I ran to the basement. I'll never forget it. But, her bedroom door was open. And the light was on and her bed was empty. You saw this man, you had never seen him before? No. What did you do? I was looking for Lani rks. I wanted to get her back in way that wasn't upsetting to her. I said, Lanie, Lanie, where are you? As soon as I saw this man holding her, I continued in the peaceful mode and I said, what are you doing? And he -- you know -- gave a -- a story that -- um -- that he was in trouble and if he had her with him, that they wouldn't kill him. And -- He kept repeating the story. He did. He needed to get to a church. And that as long as she was with him, he would be safe. I said -- I said, look, I want to help you. But you can't take her. And -- he repeated again, and I said, really, I want to help you, but she's got to stay. And, I just walked up to him and held out my arms and he handed her over. Just peacefully and calmly. And no one's voice ever got raised. Lanie came with me, with a smile on her face. Everything was just fine. Once she was in my hands -- At that point, I was running outside. And I saw he had made to it tepid of our property and was in front of our neighbor's home on the sidewalk. And, I couldn't see -- our cars were in the driveway. I ran outside. And I could see the back of Aaron. He was holding so still. I could hear this man just talking. And I -- Aaron turned around slowly. His face was calm. His eyes terrified me. We know each other well enough to recognize that. And he was holding my daughter. Who was clutching a story book and you know, I grabbed her and I ran in the house. And immediately got my cell phone the call 911. You made sure she was okay and called 911. She was like, hi, mom my, I get to stay up until morning. You taught us all a lesson as well. With the calm and peace. This Thanksgiving will be a little bit more special for us because it came so close to being something horrible. We hope that, this time of year, everyone who might hear this story might remember to be grateful for the things they have before they almost lose them. Especially their families. You are an incredible family. Thank you. Thank you so much for being here, for sharing. You know we wish you the absolute best. You and your entire family and sweet little Lanie. Thank you. All right, take care you.

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{"duration":"6:16","description":"Aaron and Stephanie Edson describe the moments after the kidnapper snatched the girl right out of her bed.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"26804150","title":"Utah Parents Detail Failed Kidnapping of Their Young Daughter","url":"/GMA/video/utah-parents-detail-failed-kidnapping-young-daughter-26804150"}