Utah Teachers Receive Free Gun Training

Utah takes a controversial stance in the gun control debate, providing free gun instruction to teachers.
1:52 | 12/28/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Utah Teachers Receive Free Gun Training
Teachers learning to handle firearms in the classroom right now training in fact over the Christmas break to shoot guns in schools the state of -- job. Is now offering firearms training to teachers the class so packed more are already scheduled ABC Cecilia Vega has the story. There is just one thing on the lesson plan for these -- -- teachers how to pack heat on the job. -- be able to use them appropriately is really quite. -- high priority for -- old. Well this gun may be -- many -- this threats facing school classrooms are very real. And so 200 teachers met over the holiday break to become students themselves. Learning how to protect their classrooms from an armed intruder. We'll never know how many lives could have been saved. Did it sandy hook elementary. If someone that had a firearm. Since that shooting at sandy hook more and more states are looking to join the handful that already allow guns in some Foreman public schools. Applications that -- in Ohio shooting class are when he first. And everyone from teachers to bus drivers to janitors. Wanting to learn how to arm themselves on campus. The only thing. That stops up bad guy with a gun. Is a good guy. -- NRA's blanket call to arm our schools. Is really nothing more than a distraction. As the debate in Washington rages on. So it classes on how to arm teachers -- -- top. We just want to make sure that. People have the tools at their disposal to mitigate risk and save lives at the end of the day. His training was so popular there's already another one planned. For the next school break. For Good Morning America Cecilia Vega ABC news Los Angeles.

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{"id":18081549,"title":"Utah Teachers Receive Free Gun Training","duration":"1:52","description":"Utah takes a controversial stance in the gun control debate, providing free gun instruction to teachers.","url":"/GMA/video/utah-teachers-receive-free-gun-training-18081549","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}