Valentine's Day Blowout: Eva Chen's Top Picks

The editor-in-chief from Lucky magazine gives her top gift ideas and favorite outfits for the special day.
3:00 | 02/12/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Valentine's Day Blowout: Eva Chen's Top Picks
Time for the "Gma" Valentine's day blowout. Eva Chen editor in chief of "Lucky" magazine is here with us with some fave picks. Nice little wave there. Waving for the camera. Hi, America. When you come by, all right, we have some gifts but before we get to the gifts, you want to be dressed up but first of all, how about if you want to not look like you're trying too hard on Valentine's day. What do you have for us. You never want to be that person that is trying way too hard on Valentine's day so two cute outfit ideas, one to work out and kind of more of a date night look. The first one here. You're saying you're not trying too hard. Laura is in a mohair sweater from Dorothy Perkins. Super cute. Wear it to work with a classic cropped pant and throw a blazer on top and when you go out put snazzy heels and nice metallic clutch. I like those heels. From forever 21. Dress to impress, I like that color. Everyone at "Lucky" is obsessed with "American hustle." Love the wrap dress and the '70s feel. She's wearing it from banana republic. She looks fantastic. The wrap dress is forgiving for all of us. Oh, it fits every silhouette. I like both of these looks. Yeah. Thank you, ladies, very much. All right so now we're looking good and give the gifts for that guy in our life. Pajamas are having a moment, I swear. Think pharrell. You can wear it out during the daytime so these are from L.L. Bean. Super comfy, super cute and I suggest matching pajamas -- Matching? That's so cute. Erase the cuteness. These are going to be keepers. You can keep them for awhile. For the guy in your life. Let me put this down. Since everybody is getting ready for curling. All right. So this is for the special woman in your life. For the special lady in your life. We love pouches at "Lucky." All about a pouch organization. These are from Etienne Aigner. You can get them embossed at the store in soho and because I love them so much they actually named them after me. I was going to say that. You have it all the time and called the Eva pouch. I basically have one for credit cards. One for receipts and one for catch and one for makeup. Four pouches at any given time. So cute. Happy Valentine's day to me. This is great. All right and now for his or her, this is unisex. We are stationary obsessed at "Lucky." If you are social media obsessed these cars from terrapin are adorable made in the usa for kind of the sochi moment, sochi proud, ftw for the win and yolo because you only live once That's like a snowboard term or something like that. Eva, thank you. Lady, thank you very much for the looks, as always, you guys at "Lucky," you got it going on. Bonus ideas on on Yahoo! Right now, coming up our "Gma"

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{"id":22477312,"title":"Valentine's Day Blowout: Eva Chen's Top Picks","duration":"3:00","description":"The editor-in-chief from Lucky magazine gives her top gift ideas and favorite outfits for the special day. ","url":"/GMA/video/valentines-day-blowout-eva-chens-top-picks-22477312","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}