'GMA' Deals and Steals: Love Edition

Tory Johnson has the best bargains to celebrate Valentine's Day on a budget.
3:44 | 01/24/13

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Transcript for 'GMA' Deals and Steals: Love Edition
You will love them. Yes, you will. Ready? Go ahead. This is a huge honor. Come on, bill weir. The first deal. Come on, baby. Sparkle box. All right. Sherry's berries. What says valentine's day more than chocolate-covered strawberries. You can choose the valentine's selection or the fancy selection. These are normally $35 to $40, for the dozen. However, exclusively for "gma" viewers, slashed in half, $17.50. When you go online and use the special code, you will choose the ship date you want, new through april. If it's not valentine's day, you have birthdays or whatever coming up, for a while. That's my job. Here you go. Hey. Okay. From guilt taste. You get a dozen minired velvet cakes, which are gorgeous. Or you 24 petitfours. They are beautiful, gorgeous sets that are great for a party. Great for an office. Great to have in your freezer. Normally, depending on which selection you choose, $60 to $80 per set. For "gma" viewers, 51% off per set, starting at $29. They're gorgeous. I love this company. So, hello apparel. Can you imagine dad and olivia in matching shirts? These come in little kid sizes. But all the way up to dad. So, it's the hello unisex sweatshirt. And they have these cute baseball shirts for little kids, too. These are so fun. And come in styles and colors. Normally, $28 to $50. Slashed in half at 14 bucks. Isn't that what you say with love. He had me at hello? You're three for three here. You're going to love this. Sacred jewels. Sound the warning. I know. I'm wearing one of them because I love this line. They're hand-cutsemmy precious stones. This time, it was really beautiful, just a gorgeous chain at goes around with all the little stones. And the little things that set you back big-time. Like a trigger. Normally, $199. You see it in boutiques. But slashed significantly, by 76%. That's a really great deal. And it's a gorgeous piece. Versatile for every day, or fancy for dress-up. Please. All right. Is this not luscious or not? This is a gigantic blanket. Scottie is begging to snuggle in this blanket. Angie's really into the blanket, too. It's from massi. They come in a variety. I don't want to add bulk, lara. You put this around you, my love. These are $225. They're sold in some of the finest stores, slashed by as much as 80%. 44. After the show, you and I have an exclusive deal you can get on "gma live!" Plus, at goodmorningamerica.Com. Bill has one more. One more for you. Look at this. That one is priceless. We want to thank tory. You, too, will have a penguin boy. We need to thank all of these companies. Thank you all so much. Everybody go to goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo! Check out the codes. And "gma live!" For more.

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{"id":18301520,"title":"'GMA' Deals and Steals: Love Edition ","duration":"3:44","description":"Tory Johnson has the best bargains to celebrate Valentine's Day on a budget.","url":"/GMA/video/valentines-day-gift-ideas-gmas-deals-steals-love-18301520","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}