Bertinelli Reveals Tips, Inspiration for Weight Loss

"Hot in Cleveland" star discusses heart disease awareness and reveals exercises to lose weight.
3:38 | 05/30/13

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Transcript for Bertinelli Reveals Tips, Inspiration for Weight Loss
bertinelli has been with her friends here in times square. Big summer sn. "Hot in cleveland" star to be fit for the summer. Fighting heart disease, the number one killer of americans, so great, valerie, to have you -- look -- I mean, robin is not lying. Look how amazing you look. Thanks. I want to ask you about heart disease. The number one killer in america and I know this is an issue that hits very close to home. Uh-huh. Your mother battling it. Yes, she is in such great shape. On her bike right now. She gets on her bike every morning. These adoing great. You're here to do the new york city heart walk. Tonight. But you're here to really get it done, I read. Yes, I'm going to -- not going to walk, I'm going to run because I really want to do it as fast as I can. Good. 30 minutes or less. Under 30 minutes. 25 to 39. 29:59. No, better than that. Losing weight obviously it can cut a person's risk for the disease in half. As a paid jenny craig spokesman you lost 40 but it's been a long time. It's been years. You're keeping it off. Is it as easy as one hopes. No, it's not easy. Not all the time. Some days are easier than others just like life, you know. Some days it's a piece of cake and I can be right on top and there's emotional days and I'm an emotional eater so those are the more difficult days that you just have to really stay aware and for me having a consultant which I didn't want in the beginning is really key for me. Recognizing why it is you do turn -- being aware. What trips you up the most? So many people struggle to keep the weight off but have that one tempt take. I don't know that it's one temptation for me. It's just life sometimes gets in the way of trying to be good to myself and sometimes if I just breathe and keep moving, it helps, yeah. No one trick. You've been able to keep the weight off for so long. What's your number one tip? How have you been able to two that. Consultant with me, jenny I s t to, a built-in best friend, if I'm struggling for some hard days and when I'm not struggling to say yay, guess what I did today. All these lovely ladies. Collectively losing 412 pounds. Congratulations. We wa to show us how it's done and show us something cal the inchworm. This really great EXERCISE.pT' GREAT WARM-UP. DOWN WITH FEET Equal distance apart. Works your arms, core and stretches out your hamstrings. For someone who likes to run, it's helpful. Go all the way -- try to get -- if you want, get a push-up in there while you're at it and go back. It's that inch back. You feel in your arms and core. How many times would you do that? I say start with 12 times and go back and forth then you want to add some cardio into it so then you got to get into some -- this is really, really great fun. You can do jumping jacks anywhere. We saw you earlier on the trampoline. You like to incorporate. Have a trampoline. Need anything. Congratulatns. Want to do it with me? THAT'S AMAZING.pWENT TO GET TO GINGER

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{"id":19287116,"title":"Bertinelli Reveals Tips, Inspiration for Weight Loss","duration":"3:38","description":"\"Hot in Cleveland\" star discusses heart disease awareness and reveals exercises to lose weight.","url":"/GMA/video/valerie-bertinelli-weight-loss-jenny-craig-spokeswoman-tips-19287116","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}