Valerie Harper Shares Secrets of Surviving Cancer

Actress looks to use her story to help other cancer patients.
4:56 | 05/13/14

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Transcript for Valerie Harper Shares Secrets of Surviving Cancer
Test Text1 plain I'm loving me some Valerie Harper right now. She is defying the odds, facing lung cancer. Doctors told her she had just three months to live. That was one year and four months ago. She is here to share some insight on survival and what she is doing to help other cancer patients. And we are so happy. Please, please welcome Valerie Harper. Thank you so much. I am so welcomed by you. And this is a great red-letter day. Let's call it turquoise red letter day. You're launching this for us. It's called lung force. And it's about the real, real problem and opportunity that we have. Number one killer. Number one killer of women. And women were surveyed. And they said what cancer is the most dangerous to you? The percentage that said lung cancer, 1%. They perceived either breast cancer or ovarian or any number, which all need attention. But lung cancer has been so neglected. And it's also been stigmatized. Must smoke. When I say my mom died of lung cancer. Oh, she was a smoker. Never in her life. And that goes along with people trying to distance themselves from lung cancer because the real truth is, if you have lung cancer, you're in line for lung cancer. It's time to get the funding to fight it, to research it. More than anything, let people know what the deal is and how dangerous it is to women. That's why you have aligned yourself with the American lung association. Exactly. They are great. They're 100 years old. Older. They've been out there. They started out with T.B. And I think of them as a brave organization. Back in the turn of the century, 1900s, who was doing anything for T.B.? This organization was saying, we have to do something. People have to breathe. You want to make it clear that that's what you have. Thank you. There was speculation that it was brain cancer. It's located in the lining of my brain. I'm on the cusp. But the lung cancer, the cell that's causing the disease, is lung cancer. And the extraordinary thing for me was having this opportunity to talk to everybody. And, oh, talk about corporate responsibility. Everyone knows CVS. I shop there all the time. But they've done an amazing thing. They're going to lose 2. -- As high as $2.5 billion a year, by taking cigarettes off their shelves. They're removing tobacco products. I think that's sensational. People should cheer it. Sending a strong message. You did when you spoke before the senate. Oh. In the hearings. It was very vocal. I want to talk to you, we have so many people asking, how are you doing it? They want to know. Just like their neighbor. Like you, my girlfriend. My tests were on Friday last. Really great. I mean, I have a smiling brain cancer. Actually, he's a neurologist. He said, this is so good. We're moving in the right direction. I haven't shifted in any way. And I'm feeling well. I get tired. But I'm going to be 75. I mean, come on. You -- visualization, too? That I do. Maybe you do. I do. I think it's really important. Tell people. Visualization is visualizing anything you want in your head. I visualize myself getting rid of the cancer cells. I touch them with a wand. I look like tinkerbell. I create anything I want. And you heal yourself through actually visualizing the cells healing. Or kicking them out wherever they're sitting around. And I talk to them, too. I say, you guys -- Get out of there. You're killing the host. You're dumb. Be smart. Don't grow so much. We can co-exist. You know what else helps? Dancing. You were on "Dancing with the stars." And we know you have a favorite. Well, I have been pulling for that darling Charlie white. And his partner. I think they are marvelous. I was hoping it would be a tie. Although, there's wonderful people. The gal with no legs. Amy Purdy. And nondancers coming up and dancing. I love it. I think we -- is Charlie around here somewhere. Oh, look. My gosh. Every grandmother's dream. You are such a fine dancer. Thank you. Oh. I miss you and the rest of the crew. You can see she's doing well. I am. Thank you, all. Blondie upstairs, taking the

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{"id":23694176,"title":"Valerie Harper Shares Secrets of Surviving Cancer","duration":"4:56","description":"Actress looks to use her story to help other cancer patients. ","url":"/GMA/video/valerie-harper-interview-2014-actress-shares-secrets-surviving-23694176","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}