Vanessa Williams opens up about 'Daytime Divas'

The actress dishes on her role in the new TV series.
7:04 | 05/30/17

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Transcript for Vanessa Williams opens up about 'Daytime Divas'
And as can you hear from the applause we have a great audience in here this morning. Thank you, guys. You've been here and on top of that great audience you have to bring a great guest to the table. We are doing that right now starring in a new show called "Daytime divas," please welcome Vanessa Williams. ??? Yeah we're all about a good time ??? Good morning. Hi, guys. Mwah. Good to see you. Good to see you. Hi, how are you? Mwah. Good morning. Wow. Have you been here? I have not been upstairs, the lounge, it's beautiful. Love the energy. Good morning, everyone. Well, you know, we're happy you're here but you had a busy weekend this weekend. I did. I just got back from D.C., I sang at the -- our national member yeah dal capitol concert and what -- it was a teary event. The stories of the veterans, we had one who is 101 years old who fought in World War II and did a secret mission and I stood next to the tuskegee airmen which was phenomenal but story after story of valor and courage and what people did to put their lives on the line for us so it was my second concert that I've done for memorial day but makes you feel so proud to be an American, so privileged to be here in this amazing country and every time they call, I feel it's my duty as an American to show up and do my best so I sang. Yeah, I sang "Let there be peace on Earth" and it couldn't be more appropriate to sing "Let there be peace on Earth" now. Whoo. Especially because how everything is now. But did it make your weekend go fast or seem like you had a long, slow weekend? Just curious. Well, no, it was nice to -- we did a dress rehearsal Saturday then I had all Sunday to relax then had the show so it was nice and slow. Okay. A big fan of yours right now, miss falling springs, Kentucky, Jada is right over there. Hi. How are you? And she's got a question for you. Okay. Go ahead. Hi. Good morning. Good morning. I'm Jada Spaulding and I wanted to ask you a question. Okay. Do you have any advice for young girls my age being in the miss America system? How old are you? I'm 15. And what do you want to do? Do you have any idea? I want to be miss America. That's well and good but that shouldn't be your goal in life so what do you want to do as a woman in your life? I want to pursue musical theater. I would like to be on Broadway. Are you currently doing that now? Are you in shows? Are you studying. Yes, I go to art school. You do. Okay. All right. So Broadway is your goal? Yes. So keep doing what you're doing. When you go to college I would assume that you would find a major that has a musical theater bfa and make your way to a great program and the more you practice, the more experience you get, the more you learn about composers and choreographers and the skill that you need, you'll be ready for Broadway. I love it. Thank you. Education, education. Both my parents are music teachers so education was key in my household. It served you well. Absolutely. You are kicking butt. We love this new show "Daytime divas." It's based on star Jones' book. It is, it is. So you're the talk show host. Did you draw on anyone in particular to inspire your character? Well, Maxine Robinson is the producer and star of the show so it would be aka barb Walters' position, a storied journalist with a stellar career and assembled these women for different points of view, so the name of the show is called "The lunch hour". That's the actual show we pretend to have on "Daytime divas." But the diva part I think comes from star because star not only was on a talk show but she gets stuff done in a way that is so elegant and sassy that she is the epitome of a diva and I think that the divaliciousness comes from her and what I pull from her. Is she hands-on. It came about because she called me and said I have ten episodes guaranteed of a show about pie book that was called "Satan's sisters" and it was -- Exactly. She had heart surgery and the doctor said I want you to do sog every day that will exercise your mind so what she did was she wrote every day and wrote and she wrote and she ended up compiling this -- these notes which ended up being "Satan's sisters" and -- Surprised you didn't use that for the TV show name. Well, you know what I was in "666 park avenue." Two demommic shows is my limit. We have a clip of "Daytime divas" and we'll check it out right now in call the network. Tell them I'm not going to the corporate retreat. It's a boys club. I refuse to be paraded around as the token female in a leadership role. And then confirm my ticket to Paris for that weekend. ??? Oh no I won't back down from a fight ??? I ordered thwore that six months ago. Take it out of rotation. And I'll give it to my cleaning woman for her birthday. You are a really good diva. It is kind of typecasting. I have played Wilhelmina -- I know. That's your character getting ready to go on stage. When you go out as Vanessa, do you have a routine you go through. The only routine I have is when I'm on Broadway or doing my music and usually do my own hair and makeup. Got my music going. Your own? Yeah, yeah, so that's my routine. Anti-maxine. It's very zen. Did it make you want to do the whole thing. Do a talk show and see what hours you guys come in, it's a commitment. It's a lot of work. You're really good at -- your answer to Jada made me think -- there is a moonlighting job here. We'll see. I don't know. Not only did you give her great advice but you asked her great questions. I think you have a future, Vanessa. I don't know. May have some afternoons open. Check it out. Exactly. And it is "Daytime divas." It premieres Monday June 5th on vh-1. Check out Vanessa Williams, everybody.

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{"id":47714539,"title":"Vanessa Williams opens up about 'Daytime Divas' ","duration":"7:04","description":"The actress dishes on her role in the new TV series. ","url":"/GMA/video/vanessa-williams-opens-daytime-divas-47714539","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}