Veteran's Fiance 'Still Shocked' About TV Proposal

Lara and Josh talk to Sam Peiker and Jackie Fairchild minutes after their engagement on "GMA."
2:13 | 11/11/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Veteran's Fiance 'Still Shocked' About TV Proposal
We also have. A newly out young couple that we just socket engaged on the big shots -- come on out exactly. It hasn't sunk in at all now and -- -- -- definitely. Bob okay so I would -- every time this happens on the show it always inspires on this debate afterwards like is that something you would actually want. Your boyfriend -- -- -- to you on national television. What we worry Sam I can't do I thought you earlier than we had no margin of Bear Bryant was -- right but. How did you think this would -- daddy -- would it would land. Well there was kind of variance was -- and terrorists. Just doesn't like to be in front of a lot of people can't -- -- -- of America and I'm the. My girlfriend yeah. She really shy surely we let him on his you know all -- on national TV. Yeah millions of people I know you probably haven't even had a chance to see it's let's take a look to get it we want to think Jason to rule out by the way for being -- -- -- let me ask you marry me. Yeah. Let me know we can't write -- song -- like is we have what -- actually we have -- budgets. If you're coming in in your head then we probably he -- hi sandy I'm dominant I can just say the word -- not a single in gap we do have spoken -- but. So. Is this. Total shock because we were wondering all morning long we saw you getting ready and we had taken away your phones and nobody can contacting news thankfully. But -- did you have. Any idea. Now it's making me and this I think my son ending -- government -- -- I didn't even then -- -- media and I kinda admit I'm no -- me. Admit it when I got the victory in the latest push man band. -- -- -- -- You know on -- Later people are saying the seller mantech people who knew I was really beautiful. -- won't make sure that you see at near their little bit on cannot nothing. Actually seen in -- but we we're so thrilled that you that he decided to share this special moment with us yeah sincerely English again.

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{"id":20851112,"title":"Veteran's Fiance 'Still Shocked' About TV Proposal","duration":"2:13","description":"Lara and Josh talk to Sam Peiker and Jackie Fairchild minutes after their engagement on \"GMA.\"","url":"/GMA/video/veterans-fiance-shocked-tv-proposal-20851112","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}