VH1's TLC Movie 'Crazy Sexy Cool' Explores the Iconic Group's Career

T-Boz and Chilli talk about the biopic, their new album "20" and more.
5:47 | 10/15/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for VH1's TLC Movie 'Crazy Sexy Cool' Explores the Iconic Group's Career
we are so excited to have tlc here. T-bos watkins, chili thomas, two members of the best-selling r&b group in music history. They have a brand-new album out today. It's called "20." They're joined by these incredible actors. They play the group in the vh1 bio pic, "crazy, sexy, cool." We're going to hear from all of them. But first, tlc's story. ♪ Don't go chasing waterfalls." Reporter: They were the SOULFUL TRIO OF THE '90s. With can't get them out of your head songs like "waterfalls" and "creep." And now, 20 years after they hit the air waves, they're still the best-selling female r&b group of all-time. With four albums, four grammy awards and ten top-ten singles, including "no scrubs." But in 2002, tragedy struck. We begin with some sad news. Lisa left eye lopez, of the trio tlc, was killed in a car accident. Reporter: To pay tribute to left eye, chili and t-bos finished the group's fourth album. Then, they went on hiatus. They are back with a new album and a biopic on vh1. What about your friend? Oh. Did that really happen? I'm telling you, when you hear your music for the first time on the video, coming at it like that. Where are my manners? This is chili. This is t-boz. As well as the vh1 "sexy crazy cool," li'l momma, keke palmer, and drew sidora. Thank you, chili. What does this moment mean to you right now? It means so much. I mean, it's surreal. We could be in the kitchen cooking. We see the commercial and go, that's us. Oh, my god. Like it never happened to us before. It's just like a dream come true. And you're executive producer. You were there -- from the beginning. And how emotional was it for you, with li'l momma playing lisa? When we saw her audition tape, it was like, that's it. She's the one. You know? And when she gets in character, with the dark contacts, her eyes are hazel. We were talking to her, and it was like -- it was strange for us sometimes, freaked us out a little bit. And how was it for you? Really emotional. But fun. It was a fun shoot. You can't stop laughing. Keke, she has enough. And these two are just as themselves, they're really funny. You play chili, right? Yeah. How was it for you? I told her every time. We hang out and having a few sleepovers. I had to catch myself because i was so star-struck. Girl -- you're biggest fan. Watching "scrubs." I remember performing "scrubs." I had the outfit she had on now. To be playing her, unreal. There's a connection with you playing t-boz because of your family. And really, part of the film, really chronicles your journey, with sickle cell anemia. I've been a spokesperson for eight years. It was personal. And we would travel when I was younger to the summer camp. So, when I got this opportunity, I really wanted to bring that to the forefront. And I could relate because it was personal for me. It comes through. It really comes through in this film. The soundtrack. Out today. Talk about that a little bit. Oh, my gosh. This album is, like, going down memory lane from the beginning of our career to present day. It sends with a new song that neil wrote "meant to be." It was mtb. Meant to be. That's your mantra. It's a song that sums up our 20 years together. They released it. That's all the rage now. Leaking it. In 2014, you have new music, original music. A new album. Almost done. We're going to have you come back for that in 2014. Now, are you all ready? Tlc's new album, "20," is available now. "Crazy, sexy, cool" premieres on

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{"duration":"5:47","description":"T-Boz and Chilli talk about the biopic, their new album \"20\" and more. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"20574258","title":"VH1's TLC Movie 'Crazy Sexy Cool' Explores the Iconic Group's Career","url":"/GMA/video/vh1s-tlc-movie-crazy-sexy-cool-explores-iconic-20574258"}