Victoria's Secret Model Hit With Lawsuit

French beauty Constance Jablonski upset her former employer after leaving for a rival agency.
2:56 | 01/17/13

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Transcript for Victoria's Secret Model Hit With Lawsuit
the several million dollar fight over a stunning victoria's secret model. Cadence jablonski got slapped with a huge lawsuit when she left her modeling agency to work for its rival. Reporter: This is the ugly side of the modeling world. The contract plains that marilyn model agency plucked her and made her into a star. They say she thanked them by leaving for a rival firm. This victoria's secret catwalker has let the cat out of the bag. It's no secret constance jablonski walked out of the runway, out of marilyn middle management, and into a rival agency. Now, her former agency is going public, slapping her with a $3.3 million lawsuit. The modeling agency is supremely cutthroat. The model signs a contract with a beauty industry, this could be a big cut for the agent. Reporter: Jablonski began her career with marilyn, in 2008. The agency takes credit for making the 21-year-old the face of estee lauder. Tripling her earnings, making her worth $3 million. Marilyn is suing the model's new agency, dna models. Arguing she was stolen away at the peak of her career. Jablonski is so hot, she has two "vogue" covers next month. There's a sympathy factor for the marilyn agency. They developed her career. Yet, they're not able to reap the rewards. Reporter: Jablonski's lawyers say marilyn breached several po portions of her agreement. And when she called, no one responded to her questions. Jablonski weighed in on twitter. Saying as for her bookers, i decided to move on to dna. I'm very excited with the move. And I hope you are, too. Still in the midst of the mayhem over her millions, the beauty appears to have other things in her mind. In nyc, you're always looking for a job, a boyfriend or an apartment. Or in her case, apparently, a new agency. Marilyn represents naomi campbell and claudey schiff ert. They're saying that it caused irreparable damage. They're suing her and trying to prevent her from being able to work with dna. Has this ever happened before? I think it's happened a time or two. Big charges. IN THE '90s, WHEN THERE WERE Supermodels. Maybe that means that the supermodel is back because there's so much money at stake. She's a supermodel. She is. Super. "Deals & steals time." Josh and tory.

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{"id":18237809,"title":"Victoria's Secret Model Hit With Lawsuit","duration":"2:56","description":"French beauty Constance Jablonski upset her former employer after leaving for a rival agency.","url":"/GMA/video/victorias-secret-model-constance-jablonski-hit-lawsuit-modeling-18237809","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}