Video Shows Bill Clinton Talking Bin Laden Just Before 9/11

Ex-president says he "could have killed" al Qaeda leader.
1:43 | 08/01/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Video Shows Bill Clinton Talking Bin Laden Just Before 9/11
We'll get to that. We'll turn to an eerie recording hidden away for more than a decade of former president bill Clinton hours before the 9/11 attacks telling a group of Australian businessmen why he did not order a strike against Osama bin laden. Here it is. Well, I am just saying he's a very smart guy. I spent a lot of time thinking about him and I nearly got him once. I nearly got him and I could have gotten -- I could have killed him but I would have had to destroy a little town called kandahar in Afghanistan and killed 300 innocent women and children and then I would have been no better than him. And so I didn't do it. ABC's chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross here right now. And it's just so chilling to hear that knowing within just hours before the attack. Exactly. Of course, bin laden had no problem killing innocent civilians. This does track what we had learned in early report, specifically the report of the 9/11 commission about previous attempts to go after Osama bin laden. They found three separate incidents between 1998 and 1999 where U.S. Intelligence was deemed credible enough to warn for possible strikes to kill him but the intelligence was so sketchy -- Two separate sets of concerns for all those and the former cia director George tenet has talked about this, as well, number one, they could never be sure Osama bin laden was there. Right. And, number two as president Clinton talked about the risk of killing innocent civilians. In kandahar they had a human intelligence source that put bin laden there but it turns out that he had left the room just before the supposed strike. He, bin laden. And, therefore, the strike would not have killed him and Clinton's judgment in fact was vindicated. Okay, Brian Ross, thanks very

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{"id":24804001,"title":"Video Shows Bill Clinton Talking Bin Laden Just Before 9/11","duration":"1:43","description":"Ex-president says he \"could have killed\" al Qaeda leader.","url":"/GMA/video/video-shows-bill-clinton-talking-bin-laden-911-24804001","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}