'The View' Co-Host Jenny McCarthy Talks New Job and New Love

McCarthy shares details on latest romance with actor Donnie Wahlberg.
3:45 | 09/11/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'The View' Co-Host Jenny McCarthy Talks New Job and New Love
There's a lot of slashes here. Actress, slash, best-selling author, slash, brand-new co-host OF "THE VIEW," jenny McCarthy. We have to beat traffic. I know you're due on set, in a few minutes. It's permanent. It's been a long time since i could say permanent. How is it? You know, I feel le I paid my dues. It's been a really long road of trying to get a job to stick. And stay relevant, in this business for 20 years. I've been writing books. I thought to myself, I can't write another book about myself. I wanted to host to be me. And I have an opportunity to sit at a table with amazing women. And everyone -- you've done this. You've done this as a guest on other shows. Sharing yourself. And now, you have a job, basically where it is to share yourself. And you're doing that. And we're going into the love life. Donnie wahlberg, who I love. Phenomenal dude. But you got right in. What's it like to sort of peel all the layers of the onion back? I think I've always been very open and honest and raw. And I realize when you are open with the public, it makes it a heck of a lot easier, at least for me. For him, not so much. It might be new territory. But on my first day of "the view," I wanted to be myself. And he made me the most comfortable on my first day. I was so grateful he was my guest. Working with the girls. Yeah. It's obviously a mix of personalities. But how are they? How is my girl, whoopi? This will be my 19th show today overall. I must say, they're an incredible group of women. We all get along. I hope for years to come, I can say that. Barbara, I feel like I'm part of history. It's her last year. I hope I do her justice to make her proud. Whoopi, award-winning, and sherri's my cohort. You and sherri, actually, demonstrated twerking the other day. Miley dominating the headlines right now. Yeah. And you had a counterintuitive take. You're defending her at this point. A little bit. You know? I mean, at that age -- first of all, I think the song's pretty good. I think, you know, at that age, you do kind of try to be a little more provocative. And it's only -- like whoopi said, in hindsight, you go, what was I thinking? You have to go through those things in your life in order to grow. This is my favorite thing. Interview after your debut show. You said -- oh, no. It's been your dream to work with barbara walters. The analogy she made to said dream was, it was like the time I got a heated toilet seat. You're missing the whole part of it. The context being -- the context being, I made it. When I was on the show, I said to myself, you know you made it when you are sitting next to barbara walters going, I'm working with this legend. And then, I just moved here. And so, in the place I'm saying, has a heated toilet. I'm like, oh, my god. I made it. So, putting those two analogies together was probably not the smartest thing. But you get the idea. Really quickly, it's like you made it. Sorry? You feel like you made it again. Feels like I made it again. Traffic. 47th is not looking good. It's very crowded down here. jenny McCarthy, everybody.

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{"id":20222945,"title":"'The View' Co-Host Jenny McCarthy Talks New Job and New Love","duration":"3:45","description":"McCarthy shares details on latest romance with actor Donnie Wahlberg.","url":"/GMA/video/view-host-jenny-mccarthy-talks-job-love-20222945","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}