Hottest Highlights and Outrageous Outfits from the VMAs

Check out the best moments from the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards.
3:00 | 08/26/13

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Transcript for Hottest Highlights and Outrageous Outfits from the VMAs
That's right, even meticulously planned their highly anticipated performances. Katy perry roaring on stage and off. We thought, okay, I think it would be paralleled to wearing something like this and having a song named "roar." Reporter: The queen of extreme, lady gaga, thinking outside the box, one, two, three, four wardrobe changes but on the red carpet an equally dramatic but more understated gaga. Robin thicke may have been seeing blurred lines for his performance but on the carpet the stylish statements were clear, big slits and rita. Strategically placed sparkles and ellie goulding's striking dress. I'd give you a hug but I'm afraid. It's quite comfortable. Reporter: Even all the fwlits and glamour of old hollywood like pals taylor swift and selena gomez. I wanted to do something sexy but kept it classy. Reporter: And in true taylor swift fashion she wowed one direction of the room with her words. And this is just awesome. I also want to thank the person who inspired this song, who knows exactly who he is because now I got one of these, thank you so much. As for the guys kept it casual and classic. Ever think you'd be saying I'm rocking a sea foam -- yes, wearing sea foam for a long time. Reporter: From sea foam to sequins and everything in between for the most part the fest of fashion paid off. One star who really captured that edginess and glamour that THE VMAs ARE KNOWN FOR WAS Ciara, she was working out. She jammed. Lorraine schwartz jewels and she's going to take us behind the scenes and told us how she got vma ready. Can't wait for that. Rachel, thanks. To talk about it all now, new co-anchor, let's begin with lady gaga. We saw all the costume changes, the song was "applause." I was surprised to hear some boos. I think she pumped those in to create the atmosphere of the haters. Some of us just like to read is what she sings and we got a library of looks from her in that performance, all those costume changes, you know, nobody packs more ideas into a pop song than lady gaga so for the first one, that kind of flying nun thing she has going on. A kellyfield shout-out, elizabeth. And then she is rocking the clam shelby keeney as few can. An a-list voice and had a really good performance. I have to ask you about this whole miley cyrus thing. Miley takes the stage and she kind of just makes moves that immediate twitter responds to. Not all was positive. Cheerful vulgarity is part of THE VMAs AS THE GOODY BAG IS. Nothing is wrong with that. Twerking has now officially been banned by every senior prom thanks to miley. A lot of people going on twitter where are her parents? Every time someone tweeted that she said mission accomplished. Will smith and family reacting. It's a priceless shot. Something like that. A little too much. Edgy like a razor blade from her but she's making the transition. We talked about it the next day. And talked and talked and talked. And everyone waiting for that 'nsync reunion. You had to watch quickly. You squint and you missed it. Actually you don't squint and you barely got it, remember, mtv is not about nostalgia as chris rock once said when he hosted the show, mtv, here today, gone later today. and -- that's the performance that took over the night, what was it, 14, 15 -- great to see those guys up there then we could have seen a little more from them. Nice seeing everybody together i guess. And maybe we will see more of them. I mean you just don't know. If it was that popular and successful. My understanding is justin's career is doing relatively well and -- doesn't need to slow down. Yeah. Let me tell you someone's career rocketing right now, katy perry. How amazing was that final performance underneath the bridge. Sam, that is a hit song. That song is a hit song and we'll hear a lot of that all fall long. She looks great, sounded great. I could stand to hear a little more of her and a little less of the backing track. I love her voice, the setting underneath the brooklyn bridge was terrific. All poised for a terrific fall. Triumphant with that big voice. Yeah. Natural beauty of katy. Not so much makeup on. She's such a beautiful girl. You could see how gorgeous she is. Might bring back boxing gloves as the new style, I don't know. Yeah. I just think it's a positive anthem and a great representation. We sort of saw it all. We saw foam fingers from miley and then we saw boxing gloves. Yeah. I want to ask you alexa, your first fashion question of the evening. I was watching and I i was slightly disappointed. I GOT TO SAY I THINK OF THE VMAs As being this huge opportunity for music and fashion to collide and make iconic moments and it wasn't really happening. People -- I don't know. It was quite tame at least other than those miley -- we're looking at taylor swift. Looked like she could have been at the grammys. More than a golden globes or oscar situation. Taylor, I don't know. She's so young, I don't know why she decides to dress as a mature fashion -- she's got the rest of her life to do marilyn monroe. Who did you like? I really liked -- I really liked ellie goulding. That human place situation. A good thing, she was covered in studs. Skimping on security. Could have taken anyone down at that point. Acupuncture. Yeah, exactly. Favorite therapist. I actually liked lead as well. I thought that was quite a rebellious thing for lady gaga to do. You thought too when she did THE VMAs -- She had a neat bikini underneath that but keeping it for the red carpet.

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{"id":20068787,"title":"Hottest Highlights and Outrageous Outfits from the VMAs","duration":"3:00","description":"Check out the best moments from the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards.","url":"/GMA/video/vma-2013-hottest-highlights-outrageous-outfits-mtv-video-20068787","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}