Waitress Receives $500 Tip

Seth Collins fulfills deceased brother's wish to give out $500 tip.
2:10 | 07/01/13

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Transcript for Waitress Receives $500 Tip
That Holland and his parents drove in from Lexington for -- randomly choosing free linesman in broad ripple. They have more on their plate and pizza they are on a mission to fulfill that's younger brother -- dying winds. Brother passed away last July and the last -- will. Was that we go out to dinner needs -- 500 go to today. He's now given a big hit every week for almost a year. That says -- took great joy in unexpected behind him. And never thought what he was doing was a big deal. So he would have thought one time something nice to do for a person. The end you know it made that person happy and that's what he wanted to he wouldn't have predicted union. This week's -- him to watch the reaction at today's unsuspecting waitress got the tip of Atlanta. 500 dollars. It accidentally. -- -- And time. Teaching is looking -- it. Today's was the 54. Huge tip given an era in Collins memory a particularly emotional one -- -- The banks. Hear about it today. Okay. -- has now collected sixty. Thousand dollars in donations from every continent he plans to travel all fifty states giving out a 500 dollar tip each week. Until it's gone never to. So I knew about the third one that it was never gonna you know. Indiana is the seventeenth that states that has done as an activist who plans to leave on a -- month trip to hit all of the rest reporting in broad ripple Tonya Spencer. RTV six.

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{"id":19550417,"title":"Waitress Receives $500 Tip","duration":"2:10","description":"Seth Collins fulfills deceased brother's wish to give out $500 tip.","url":"/GMA/video/waitress-receives-500-tip-19550417","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}