Walmart's 'Great Gas Rollback' Returns

The retailer is offering its customers 15 cents-per-gallon savings on gasoline.
2:11 | 04/02/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Walmart's 'Great Gas Rollback' Returns
Okay, abbie, thanks very much. To gas prices still very high right now and walmart now saying it wants to give customers a hand at the pump. The superstore offering 15-cent a gallon discounts to many of its customers at pumps across the country. Linzie janis has more. Reporter: Walmart is bringing back its great gas rollback. Something that it did last year and the year before. It's hoping customers will use the money they save on gas inside its stores. Roll up to a walmart pump and they'll roll back the price you pay to fill the tank. ♪ Roll back ♪ Reporter: This morning commuters in 212 states can save as much as 15 cents a gallon until july 7th simply by filling up and paying with a walmart credit card. Gasoline purchases account for roughly 4% of the average american's household budget. That's the largest chunk in three decades and while prices may currently be high by historical standards, they're roughly 30 cents cheaper than they were this time last year. Why launch the program now? Walmart sales have been flat for nearly three years and "consumer reports" rated walmart as one of the worst rated retailers in the u.S., So walmart would lower prices is trying to get shoppers back. Reporter: Walmart blamed january's tax increases for a tough start to this year's sales but competitors like costco are turning up the heat too. Walmart views crossco as their worst nightmare whether in north america or anywhere in the world where they go head to head. Reporter: So for walmart the idea is if rolling gas prices back gets customers rolling into its stores, everybody wins. Hopefully it's good quality gas. Walmart is known to be affordable, mainstream but then again it's kind of cheap. Reporter: Well, with gas prices at an average of $3.64 a gallon this is welcome relief for walmart customers. They may need it more in the coming months. Aaa says prices could move higher as refineries switch to a summer blend of gasoline. Prices are expected to come back down in june perhaps for that summer road trip.

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{"id":18860879,"title":"Walmart's 'Great Gas Rollback' Returns","duration":"2:11","description":"The retailer is offering its customers 15 cents-per-gallon savings on gasoline.","url":"/GMA/video/walmart-gas-discount-great-gas-rollback-offers-15-18860879","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}