Warren Buffett Offers $1 Billion for Perfect NCAA Bracket

The investor puts up a huge prize for anyone who can accurately predict the championship tournament.
3:00 | 01/22/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Warren Buffett Offers $1 Billion for Perfect NCAA Bracket
Million dollar challenge from Warren Buffett happening at the Super Bowl yet but March Madness getting an early start this year thanks to this offer from the legendary investor. Anyone who fills out a perfect NCAA bracket gets a billion dollars from Handel -- Story. Billionaire Warren Buffett wants you to win the cries of a lifetime. Can definitely be -- profit teaming up with Quicken Loans to back a one billion dollar payout to the -- -- and -- predicting the winner of all 63 games. In the world's most unpredictable tournament it's not like -- corn and no one knows the exact odds Carson there's an upset -- all bets are off. Yes the tax chance of actually picking a flawless bracket even dumb and dumber Lloyd Christmas might not take these odds level. What are my chances one in nine point two quadrillion. That eighteen zeroes so you're telling me there's a chance -- Yeah well sure if you like long odds but hitting power ball three straight times in fact you're more than 50000 times more likely. Get struck by a meteor so does anyone really have a shot. But not impossible bully me things happen in this world would you don't expect there's 63 games ever they play again I would say good many of those are pretty. Predicted there's never been an official perfect bracket despite valiant efforts by Columbus -- -- low. President Obama and millions of submissions every year on espn.com. So is possible to do the impossible. The chance of somebody collecting even a penny of this is. Extremely. And that is putting it mildly extremely. -- not likely ask for buffet he wouldn't be the investment guru he is without making sure the money is used responsible. Somebody -- the billion dollars cultural and a little free advice but they actually asked to be included in farewell. Both -- got advice he says he fills out a bracket but for picks. He doesn't trust anyone he doesn't say that anybody should trust his vice -- but Buffett says it is somebody picks perfectly. Up until the final game he may join them at the championship. And bring along and -- roundup -- terror it. Billion up warmup he gives away a lot of money -- hasn't -- -- -- -- -- got to earn -- hearing Aaron and I think deport us together could win there's a possibility lets us. Winning a million dollars or -- would be great but just that one moment when you were perfect might be almost. 63 you know on the.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The investor puts up a huge prize for anyone who can accurately predict the championship tournament.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21620270","title":"Warren Buffett Offers $1 Billion for Perfect NCAA Bracket","url":"/GMA/video/warren-buffett-offers-billion-perfect-ncaa-bracket-21620270"}