Washington State Bank Robbery Caught on Tape

Good Samaritans stop would-be thief, hold him until the cops arrive on the scene.
1:51 | 08/17/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Washington State Bank Robbery Caught on Tape
Threw a wild scene all caught on tape during a bank robbery in Washington State. Tactics Americans came to the rescue stopping the peak and then holding him until the cops arrived ABC's Taina Hernandez is here with the story Anderson break customers they -- people expected to help whenever -- any personal danger but they did it anyway. They teacher were determined to risk their own lives to stop an alleged robber who was armed. This morning we're getting an exclusive look at the moment a bank heist goes horribly wrong for this alleged robber. Wearing a towel and carrying a picnic basket the suspect enters a Wells Fargo branch in Everett Washington demands money and makes a run for it. But hot on his heels is one of his victims. He wasn't looking where he was -- any basically ran into the side of my vehicle. There was money flying everywhere. Traci fry just arriving at the bank in his tracks sprang into action. I can hear people you know on the you know stop -- stop I've pulled what sort of on the sidewalk -- And block them moments later more witnesses from inside the bank joined CNN pinned the would be handed down. -- -- -- Look like they were stealing company but I tackled -- -- -- on the ground. -- an army veteran says the -- -- good samaritans even dis arm the knife wielding suspect. He had a knife tucked into -- lose waist band and so we secure the web Brandon. And I was able to get that from him before he can pull it out or use -- use it on anybody. Police say while they speak up screw up had a happy ending bystanders should use extreme caution and leave the hot pursuits to them. Thanks Greta -- that a lot worse but luckily and noted it in this case none of the good guys were hurt and that money. That -- flying was covered which is good news gasket if he picked it rob banks -- -- Harare we can't tell five.

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{"id":19989244,"title":"Washington State Bank Robbery Caught on Tape","duration":"1:51","description":"Good Samaritans stop would-be thief, hold him until the cops arrive on the scene.","url":"/GMA/video/washington-state-bank-robbery-caught-tape-19989244","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}