'Water boil' advisory issued in Corpus Christi, says Mayor Joe McComb

Corpus Christie Mayor Joe McComb says the rainfall in the city so far is less than was predicted.
2:59 | 08/26/17

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Transcript for 'Water boil' advisory issued in Corpus Christi, says Mayor Joe McComb
unfortunately and just a bit southwest of where rob is is the town of Corpus Christi and the mayor of that town Joe Mccomb joins us now with the latest on what's going on in that area and already seen evidence of some damage, a high school damaged in the area there. What can you tell us about the situation right now? Well, I can't tell you much. I lost power in my home last night and it's still dark here in Corpus Christi, so we just are staying put until we can get some daylight to at least venture out in the community because you never know where you're going to find either a road has been washed out and could create some problems or you have run into a downed power line. I do know that a significant portion of Corpus Christi is without power. Our city, water treatment facility lost power last night which means that we've had to issue a water boil for the citizens before they drink the water. They can still use it for bathing and other purposes but for consumption, they're going to need to boil the water but then the problem there is nobody has any electricity. So bottled water if they purchased that before the storm, that's what they'll use until either they get power restored or we can get power restored at the water treatment facility. So it's -- there's going to be a lot of collateral damage as a result of this storm. I have not heard at least -- I have not heard of any casualties in terms of drowning, that was one of our main concerns, I think there are some injuries and there could be some fatalities as a result of buildings collapsing and this sort of thing but at least from the information I have, the rain so far in Corpus Christi, now, I can't speak for the surroundings area but the rain so far in Corpus Christi has not been as was predicted which is good, that -- so the flooding evidently and the storm surge from what I've heard so far did not reach the predicted levels so that's the good news if there's any good news. Yeah. So we just are really waiting on daybreak and go out of -- there was a couple of news reports that I saw last night before I lost power of several homes that had caught on fire and I'm assuming those are a result of electrical lines being knocked down and catching things on the ground -- before the rain we were really dry, in the drought so there was a lot of dead grass and weeds and thing so I'm sure if it got spark it didn't take much to ignite it. I know you have a busy few days ahead of you and thank you for the update and certainly hope everyone is accounted for there in your town. We appreciate your concern and keeping people informed as to what's happening and thank you very much. He says no casualties thus far. Let's hope it stay that is way

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{"duration":"2:59","description":"Corpus Christie Mayor Joe McComb says the rainfall in the city so far is less than was predicted. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"49434192","title":"'Water boil' advisory issued in Corpus Christi, says Mayor Joe McComb","url":"/GMA/video/water-boil-advisory-issued-corpus-christi-mayor-joe-49434192"}