Are Wearing Mismatched Prints Trendy or Tragic?

Lori Bergamotto explains why some pattern combinations are more appealing than others.
4:13 | 12/05/12

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Transcript for Are Wearing Mismatched Prints Trendy or Tragic?
Now, to one of the hottest looks this season. It's popping up everywhere, from the runway to fashion magazines. And it's mixing all kinds of prints and patterns. And it may be a big trend right now. But is it something that anybody can wear well? Well, just a moment, lori bergamotto from "lucky" magazine will help us figure out if this is trendy or just tragic in the real world? But a look at the crazy fashion fad. It's a bold look. Taking over the catwalk. From marc jacobs and anna sui, to j. Crew and anthropology. Mismatched prints have taken in the rock. Stripes, polka dots, florals and animal. It's heading into 2013. Designers are pairing florals with plaid, paisley with polka dots. Everything looks good right now. Reporter: It looks good on her. But can you pull this off in real life? My kids can probably get away with it. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't. It violates all rules of fashion. Reporter: So, if you dare, go there. But fashion blogger kerry fallen says, proceed with caution. Translating them from magazines to wearing them to work is a dangerous game. Start small. Look for inspiration in places that have photos that you enjoy that are actually of women wearing these in the street, and not in magazines or on the runway. Reporter: Is there a print-pairing rule book for the masses? And joining us, now, is someone who can help us answer some of those questions. "Lucky" magazine's contributing editor, lori bergamotto. This is dangerous to do. I would only pair this with solids. On the runway, they're selling a concept. In real life, there are real ways. I want to show you. Okay. This is an example. While we love these pieces separately, this is the fashion equivalent of too much of a good thing. The stripes are too severe. The plaid, too heavy. It's not working. We're going to show you three looks in this pair of pants. The pants are beautiful. Too much going on. Thanks, katie. Our next model has it sort of working. So, megan, our model here, gets an a-plus for effort, for mixing a texture with the tweed here. I love the top. I love it, too. But it's hitting the same blue chord. It starts making it like a well-orchestrated outfit, it's flashing. We need something to break it up. What would have worked better here, is a plain, solid shirt. That would have been better. Or how about the two tops with a pair of jeans. It's mixing and matching but more manageable. Exactly. Let's go to the one who got it right. This is noel. This is a trendy example. Here's why this works. First of all, the stripes are a lot bigger and more graphic. They're wider. So, they have more room for the patterns to breathe. Also, we're just showing a hint of the polka dot. It's on the white with black. It's adding some lightness. It's breathable, with this deep pair of pants. And a neutral shoe is also key. The look on your face -- I think every piece separately, and two of the three pieces together, would be great. Maybe we start mixing two. Why do hers work and the rest of them don't? These are wide and graphic. That's what you want. Okay. You want to look for scale and proportion. Got it. This is a paint print. There's a lot going on here. You need something that can breathe on an open canvas. The other thing is, look at the colors. You see where the colors are picking up on the colors in the pants. You want to stick with the same color family. Just try mixing two prints and then go to three. Thank you so much. A little more manageable. A little less scary. You get more tips online. Live from wcvb tv channel 5,

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{"id":17884313,"title":"Are Wearing Mismatched Prints Trendy or Tragic?","duration":"4:13","description":"Lori Bergamotto explains why some pattern combinations are more appealing than others.","url":"/GMA/video/wearing-mismatched-prints-trendy-tragic-17884313","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}