Weather Forecast: Northeast Braces for Monster Blizzard

Bernie Rayno discusses the two large storms converging over the Northeast.
1:27 | 02/08/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Weather Forecast: Northeast Braces for Monster Blizzard
Here comes Bernie -- expert senior meteorologist for AccuWeather in my -- No one knows this stuff better than Bernie in the years and years we work together Bernie phasing of two systems is this gonna happen is it not gonna happen what's that what's the factor that. We wake up with no -- Well I don't think there's any way out of this storm now Sam and then -- mention the two storms what in the midwest when in the southeast but just as important. Was an injection of -- -- they came across northern New England. Yesterday and that's why it was so cold in New York City should no idea of the Arctic air now you have to these storms and all the ingredients are there -- -- The only place that -- may get missed his that the storms a little too Far East may be New York City -- get a foot of snow but I hitting southern New England in this red area batten down matches. It's common tonight historic storm -- we going to be talking about this when he another totals aren't thirty inches us now. I think it's -- -- be historic because when you come buying their heavy snow that we're going to see. And at the height of the storm tonight sending around New York City Providence Hartford all in this red area we gonna see snowfall rates of one to two inches per hour. Visibility is -- be -- quarter mile there's probably going to be wideout. Because of the wind blowing between -- to -- now that -- that's what makes it a historic yeah and it's going to be incredibly incredibly bad those -- the pick up the 6070 driving mile per hour winds with them blinding snow anywhere on the system all morning long so people will not be surprised thank you Bernie. Really appreciate you being here.

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{"id":18438248,"title":"Weather Forecast: Northeast Braces for Monster Blizzard","duration":"1:27","description":"Bernie Rayno discusses the two large storms converging over the Northeast.","url":"/GMA/video/weather-forecast-northeast-braces-extreme-blizzard-snow-accumulations-18438248","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}