Wedding Nightmare: NY Couples Lose Their Venue and Their Cash

Many couples found themselves out of luck when the popular venue Rebar suddenly closed its doors.
3:27 | 05/23/14

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Transcript for Wedding Nightmare: NY Couples Lose Their Venue and Their Cash
There's the music. "Gma" investigates. Back, now, at 7:40, with couples losing tens of thousands of dollars when their wedding venue goes out of business. ABC's gio Benitez was there when outraged couples came face-to-face with the man they say left their wedding plans in chaos. What happened? Reporter: What if 200 couples ready to walk the aisle, lost not only their wedding venue, but tens of thousands of dollars each? Believe it or not, it can happen to you. And this morning, "Gma" investigates. These are images of love. Abbey and Ryan, met on new year's eve, wearing those party hats. Now, ready for the next chapter. The engaged couple picked a spot for the Redding. Rebar. We thought we had found the perfect space. Reporter: They saved up and handed over nearly 13,000 bucks. 5% discounts for all upfront payments. Yeah. Reporter: You thought that was a good deal? We were pinching our pennies. So, we did it. Reporter: Their salesman, Jason Stevens, rebar's owner. And he is the guy who was standing right in front of you, and telling you, your wedding is going to happen right here? Oh, yeah. He was a great guy. Nice guy. I liked him a lot. Reporter: But just months after giving Stevens that check, a shocker. Rebar's front door chained up with this sign Reading closed and bankrupt. You thought it was a joke. I couldn't believe it. Reporter: The couple says Stevens was missing in action. Nowhere to be found. And just last week, Stevens turns himself in to cops. But not for stiffing couples. Prosecutors charged him with something completely unrelated. Criminal tax fraud and grand larceny. We knew he would be at a court appearance Thursday. So, "Gma" investigates was waiting. Mr. Stevens, gio, "Gma" investigates. We want to talk to you about the couples that are scrambling for a new wedding venue. Are you going to give them their money back? We found couples outside, with the amounts they say they lost. $34,000 all at one shot. When Stevens walked out, fireworks. You have over $800,000 from 160 couples. Reporter: These couples are not hopeful they'll get their money back. How can you protect your own cash? Well, it turns out some insurance companies will insure your wedding plans. A $250 premium will insure a $25,000 wedding. As for abbey and Ryan -- He doesn't get to steal our day. Reporter: You're getting married anyway? We are. We just don't know where. Reporter: But it will happen in October. One more tip for you. If you use your credit card to pay for events like this, you may have a better shot at getting your money back. As for Stevens, we learned the New York attorney general is investigating the wedding complaints. And he has not filed for bankruptcy. You know that sign that says bankrupt. Hasn't filed for it. Put it on the door. Like they're not going to come back at the end. Their love endures. And they were laughing about it. That's fantastic. Great job. And gio chasing him down the hall. Everybody is running away from me, these days. It's that smile. Little too happy there. Coming up, everybody, the incredible video revealing a new

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{"duration":"3:27","description":"Many couples found themselves out of luck when the popular venue Rebar suddenly closed its doors.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23839576","title":"Wedding Nightmare: NY Couples Lose Their Venue and Their Cash","url":"/GMA/video/wedding-nightmare-ny-couples-lose-venue-cash-23839576"}