Wedding Party Gets Stuck in an Elevator

The entire 24-person party made the best of the 30-minute delay, laughing and taking selfies.
3:37 | 10/16/15

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Transcript for Wedding Party Gets Stuck in an Elevator
in our "Heat index," wedding that almost didn't happen thanks to an elevator that didn't work trapping the entire wedding party of 24 people just before the ceremony. Happy newlyweds join us live for a look at their story. It's the wild ride that no one had this wedding party was expecting. Liz Copeland and harry stein were one elevator away from their dream weding. We all pack into this elevator. My girfriend said maybe we should take the stairs. It goes about three feet down and then it just stops. Reporter: With 24 people inside, the bride, the groom, parents, grandparents, photographers, groomsmen, bridesmaids, the wedding planner, even the rabbi, all trapped in an elevator with no way out. We couldn't miss it because every single person that was involved with the ceremony was in the elevator. I thought, okay, god has other plans for this wedding. Reporter: Instead of panicking -- Everyone went selfie. Reporter: The bride got big premarital props from her soon-to-be mother-in-law. She right away reacted so well. She was smiling. She started laughing. Reporter: Trapped for just over 30 minutes, the Copeland oystein wedding party freed by firefighters arriving on scene just in time to say "I do." Everybody on the elevator cheered. The divine comes in many forms and in this case it was in the form a firefighter. And Liz Copeland, harry stein join us from their honeymoon in Mexico. All smiles. No mishaps on the honeymoon yet. What was that? Any mishaps on the honeymoon yet? No mishaps really. I actually -- I lost my wallet at one point and a really nice guy brought it back to us. Wow. I guess we just have good luck. I guess. What were you thinking 24 people in an elevator? It was a huge elevator. You know, so it was full but we weren't like claustrophobic, I don't think. And for me I didn't really want to walk down the stairs with my like wedding dress with the long train and so we were just like, okay, let's pile in the elevator like we've done before. I guess you guys weren't worried about the tradition of waiting until you see her walking up the aisle. No, we did a first look beforehand because we wanted to take pictures before the ceremony so we could be at the reception ourselves. That's smart. I hadn't thought about that. What did you do in the elevator? Itting looked like there was a party in there in yeah, everyone just kind of whipped out their phones and started taking pictures. Liz, I think you said you wanted to do a sing-along. I wasn't sure. I felt like other people wouldn't have been okay with that so I kept that thought to myself but we started taking photos. The photographers were grabbing things and I don't know, you know, you wait all day to get married. You get your hair done, your makeup done, all of that, the photos taken and so it was just a little bit more waiting so we said, hey, why not have a little fun with this. A little prereception. And no one was nervous or thinking, when are we getting out of here? You just had complete faith you would be rescued. You know, yeah, I think most of us did. I'll say my mom was a little bit nervous. My grandparents were in the elevator with us and they're about 85 years old so the heat was rising as we were in there so she was a little worried, oh, is this going to become a problem but, you know, it was still a short period of time that we were stuck so luckily we were all okay. It all worked out great. Thanks for joining us this morning. You guys are great sports. Enjoy Mexico. Yeah. Congratulations. Congratulations. How adorable.

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{"duration":"3:37","description":"The entire 24-person party made the best of the 30-minute delay, laughing and taking selfies.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"34517447","title":"Wedding Party Gets Stuck in an Elevator","url":"/GMA/video/wedding-party-stuck-elevator-34517447"}