Weight-Loss Journeys: Man Sheds Almost 400 Pounds

People magazine's "Half Their Size" issue features Sharee Samuels' and Michael Holcomb's stories.
3:00 | 01/03/14

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Transcript for Weight-Loss Journeys: Man Sheds Almost 400 Pounds
Opted out -- working at some incredibly inspiring individuals yesterday -- were called -- that three women. The -- to lose half their size by committing -- eating right and exercising. Well today we're welcoming to more people. Featured in people magazine's blockbuster half their size issue that's dealt hands senior editor of people. It's back with me I -- like to hear their stories these transformations but first let's hear from them. Sheri Sam mills had always been a normal weight. But at thirteen she was on her own after school -- no longer had parental control over. She would gorge on chips pretzels and cookies I would high food and -- and my parents when they know how much time. In Finland and very CNN panel this freedom event the same time -- -- let me help me. She -- 256. Pounds her senior year of high school that is one of my -- -- -- was breaking down. At a -- -- my mom I'm seventeen and and shop net and woman's plus size stores. Her breakthrough came after her second attempt at losing weight I was sitting in the car with my mom and I was just kind and I was just. Sabotaging myself and that was the moment that I was like -- that's. She -- the age their tails -- three ex teachers. By high school Mike -- tipped the scale almost 500 pounds and it didn't stop there. When I graduated high school I went up another hundred pounds and in -- lunch and that what -- did do -- -- so played video games watch TV. May -- and Osgood added. But after being in a minor car accident five years ago. Might begin to think about his own mortality the next day -- laid down on my couch and the cable went out. Screen turned black and house laying there -- how -- -- And -- -- mind. Stomach hanging over the side of the couch. And broke down and I cried and I promised myself I would change. Michaels Stores especially inspiring with they all are and I'm ready Michelle let's do that had so much -- -- this yesterday and our first guest -- -- -- Sammy also you see her before -- And now let's see -- today. Amazing they usually you look at me English -- how much weight to lose plus any -- high. 256. Pounds today -- at a 135. -- which -- she's -- and -- 121. Pound one. That's what you want -- didn't feel when you hear that that's how much weight loss I have it it's crazy not to Kurt and -- now it's. Create the quiet and we wanted modified for our viewers at home also like what what this equates and look at what would come up with this is a huge 121. Collection of popcorn and wow yeah when you think that how does that make you feel. Well. I love popcorn. I would eat a lot of popcorn and seen 121 pounds about much pop art is my -- in well. I'm sure you -- delete them up -- now it's all about moderation a little yeah I waited just -- few -- of what they heard from Michael as well. We want to show you one last -- what Michael looked like before his incredible weight loss. There's his butt out and now let's see a much better and healthier Michael. And listen -- a hug. It has been. That he would have seen that video -- to see what you've been able to overcome. It well I picked. I say it's -- them on the moon now. -- he's been turned down it's incredible it's changed your life it's changed my time in how much -- and lost my -- I think it's weightless and it's amazing in this issue Heatley and -- 600 and -- talent if you can believe that. Now he adds a little 215. Pounds which means he lots and it's downing 300 and nagging -- Q -- It could happen that that three people. Through an event for big folks at home just trying to. Imagine how much weight that actually -- that even if you can imagine it and that's why -- a little. And but it's -- the combined weight of 101 grade children meanie back. They are waving a -- -- -- they're cheering you on as well but let's talk about how all of this happened because there's a lot of hard work and dedication obviously commitment to losing the weight. And Sherry let's start with you I -- there's always healthy foods here -- all that portion control for your right. Yes and I'm -- and I'm a full time graduate student I am always on the go. So portion control and -- -- -- really helped me stay focus and succeed in Michael's -- apps movies in the morning. When I get to class for -- I have a veggie wrap for snacks almond butter and Apple's. And then maybe eat dinner and my 7 o'clock classes so veggie he watt and pita bread so I don't have an excuse to not eat healthy because I have at all with me and healthy foods on the going to your husband was losing weight with US -- that help yet he's not 93 pounds so. Yeah he is amazed me and we do we hold it. How they're accountable -- lightning bolt like to proper meals and we work out together. And Michael you obviously -- focus on changing your diet you're eating habits what was most challenging part for you look -- doesn't part is it daunting. So you think I got to lose weight no matter how much weight as daunting just members are -- slow. -- -- natural don't force anything cold Turkey a lot of people break because the cold Turkey so like for -- here we have a natural progression of things. I love bacon just as much as an expert I love bacon miles big eleven now. But to cut it out say take a blt. Everybody loves a blt you lessen the bacon a little by little. Becomes an -- sandwich. He's -- take it and gradually out of graduate in this country can't exactly that while out. But what have you learned you've you've you've started me thinking like you've never done before right -- have -- -- a rollercoaster -- rode -- roller -- first -- last couple years. I went kayaking and it. Went to my first music concerts. Comment first mountain it solvent travel around many are so they are ready I can't tell you -- -- -- -- -- -- myself nice -- answers. The -- and I thank all of our guest today we'll magazines half their size -- on stands now.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"People magazine's \"Half Their Size\" issue features Sharee Samuels' and Michael Holcomb's stories.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21409690","title":"Weight-Loss Journeys: Man Sheds Almost 400 Pounds","url":"/GMA/video/weight-loss-journeys-man-sheds-400-pounds-21409690"}