New Website Helps to Ease Divorce Process

The San Francisco-based company Wevorce helps couples save time and money, while also offering counseling.
3:02 | 07/23/14

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Transcript for New Website Helps to Ease Divorce Process
Okay, we move on in "Heat index." Painful subject, it can be expensive but more kims are finding a new way to split and save money and Paula Faris tells us all bit. Reporter: Divorce can be a difficult process. It's expensive, emotional and can result in years in court but now there is a new website trying to make that grueling process just a little bit easier. They're able to follow step by step. Reporter: Wevorce uses computer software to connect couples looking to uncouple with lawyers located across the west coast. Well, they can't save your marriage they say they can save you time and money. The technology allows us as we continue to build that to make it more and more affordable for families. We let the families go at their own pace. Reporter: Someone files for divorce in the U.S. Every 13 seconds and while the average divorce can range anywhere between $15,000 to $150,000, wevorce says it can cut it to $10,000. It's not just money. Wevorce offers counseling and mediation. Because of the stresses of divorce that we will always have people available. Reporter: Married for 15 years mark and Nora say they've seen enough of their friends go through nasty divorces. We both heard horror stories about screaming and yelling across attorneys' tables and this seemed like a much more cordial way to end our marriage. Reporter: So two years ago they decided to use it to try and keep the peace. Not just for them but also for their 12-year-old son. These guys wanted us to get along, you know, in a way that was really healing to everybody in the family. So that we could move on to our next chapter. Reporter: Still, some experts say it's not for everyone. If we have a couple who fight like cats and dogs then I would strongly caution against going the wevorce route. They'll abandon and each hire their own attorney and end up costing them twice as much. Reporter: More mark, Nora and hundreds of past users -- I think it would have been drastically different had we gone the traditional route. I'm thankful we didn't. Reporter: They say they have no remorse for their wevorce. Now the irony in all this, the founders of wevorce were husband and wife at one time and went through a divorce and realized it doesn't have to be so painful, so negative ands thatty, so after they were divorced, they could created wevorce. A positive out of a negative. Exactly, again. Every 13 seconds. Through their own experience they can hone what they share. All right. Thanks. Wait, not only thanks but congratulations. New "Gma weekend" anchor. Fantastic. Glad to be part of the team. We were saying weekend "Gma" anchor in case you haven't heard so looking forward to watching you Saturdays and Sundays starting in August. Thanks, everybody.

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{"id":24675284,"title":"New Website Helps to Ease Divorce Process","duration":"3:02","description":"The San Francisco-based company Wevorce helps couples save time and money, while also offering counseling.","url":"/GMA/video/wevorce-website-helps-ease-divorce-process-24675284","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}