WH press secretary reacts to 3rd day of government shutdown

Sarah Sanders speaks out on "GMA" about accusations that President Trump has been inconsistent in his positions as Democrats and Republicans try to broker a deal.
4:45 | 01/22/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for WH press secretary reacts to 3rd day of government shutdown
Let's hear from the white house. White house press secretary Sarah Sanders joins us. Thank you for joining us. Let's begin with the ad. Sit appropriate for the president to say the Democrats could be complicit in murder? Look, the president's number one job as commander in chief and the president is national security. And we cannot protect American citizens. We cannot protect this country if we don't secure our border. That's the point the president is trying to make. It's the same point he's made since he first started running for office and certainly since he was sworn in. It's absolutely proep rate for the commander in chief of this country to do everything he can to make sure he's protecting our citizens. Might make it more difficult to getgotiations with the Democrats going. Does the president support a guaranteed vote on DACA in for the extension of government funding? The president's focus is making sure we get the government reopened. It's outrageous that Democrats are holding our national security hostage. That they're not allowing our brave men and women out there on the front lines to be compensated. Their families taken care of. The veterans' association taken care of and the children's health care prom, all on the line while Democrats play political games. First and foremost we have to reopen our government. Fund our government. As soon as that is done, we're more than happy to negotiate on response immigration reform. The president is clear on what he wants. He wants to make a deal on DACA. The fact that Democrats are trying to pretend as if that is something that we haven't put on the table is disingenuous and a bit ridiculous. Not everyone on capitol hill agrees that the president has been very clear. You have senator Lindsey graham, a Republican, saying he hasn't been a reliable partner. Senator chuck Schumer saying it's like negotiating with Jell-O. Senator Mcconnell can't if I can your out what the president wants. I think then maybe sometimes they're not paying attention. The president has laid out his priorities and principles. He invited the media in to see and have that discussion. We have laid out we want to make a deal on DACA. We want to secure the border. We want to end chain migration. And we want an end to the Visa lottery system. I don't know what is confuse about that. Sometimes members like senator Schumer need help getting through policy negotiations. If they need help understanding what the president wants, we would send people out there. Do you really want to question senator Schumer's knowledge of the legislation? Look, if he's unclear about what the president laid out, then possibly. Think frankly and sadly, senator Shum sir playing games. He wants to make it like this is the president's fault. And that the president has not been anything but clear. But he has. We've laid out multiple documents ek plaining and outlining what we're asking for. Right now, we want to reopen the government. Soont we do that, we're more than happy to start negotiations on responsible immigration reform and the Republicans are the only ones that are laid that out and laid it out in principle from the white house and in legislation by house Republicans. If the president's top priority is getting the government reopened, why not call everybody to the white house today. Back when president Obama was in office, that's what Donald Trump called on him to do? Look, the president has been engaged. I think different circumstances call for a different type of leadership. He's been incredibly engaged. Spent a lot of time on the phone. No meetings this weekend, Sarah. A lot of meetings internally in the white house. They have been going back and forth with negotiations. Everybody wants to talk about the last four days. This negotiation has been going on for several weeks. The president has had multiple meetings over the course of the time. Bringing in Republicans, Democrats, laying out what we want. The thing I find so baffling is that Democrats support everything in this piece of legislation. The fact that they won't simply vote for it to reopen our government, fund our military, protect the most vulnerable children is mind-boggling, I think, to everyone across the country. We're out of time. Do you think the government is going to open today? I sure hope so. Certainly, again, for the men and women of our great military. The children across the country that are party of the C.H.I.P. Program. And all of the vairs federal government employees. I hope that Democrats will stop playing games and come to the table and get serious about what they were elected to come here and do. Sarah Sanders, thank you for your time. Now to the new winter storm

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{"duration":"4:45","description":"Sarah Sanders speaks out on \"GMA\" about accusations that President Trump has been inconsistent in his positions as Democrats and Republicans try to broker a deal.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"52518627","title":"WH press secretary reacts to 3rd day of government shutdown","url":"/GMA/video/wh-press-secretary-reacts-3rd-day-government-shutdown-52518627"}