Whale-Watching Boat Survivors Found Clinging to Rocks

The British Columbia tour boat accident left five dead and one person still missing.
2:00 | 10/27/15

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Transcript for Whale-Watching Boat Survivors Found Clinging to Rocks
people dead. One person is still missing and ABC's Neal Karlinsky is on the scene for us on Vancouver island. Good morning, Neal. Reporter: Robin, good morning. We're learning a lot of new information about just what went on out there. One of the women in the water at the time was apparently pregnant. Two others clung together for survival sharing a single life jacket between them. This morning, just the top of the huge leviathan ii visible above water and our first look at the some of the survivors minutes from being plucked from the water huddled under a tarp exhausted. 13 owe their lives to ken brown who saw an emergency flare and race towards it. We saw the flare and knew we were going to assist and help. Reporter: Survivors in the water clinging to whatever they could find, parts of the boat or even rocks. We picked up one guy that was hanging off the sunken boat by -- I don't know what he was hanging on to, the door or side of the boat happening on for dear life. Reporter: We journeyed out to see the whale watching boat that went down with 27 people on board. You can just make out the name "Leviathan ii" and towed it off into the cove and the rcmb has been guarding it and have had divers in the water as well. Five british citizens never made it out alive. A sixth person remains missing but 21 people did survive the 30 minutes of hell in 55-degree water not knowing if anyone would come for them. Officials from the whale watching company that has run tours in these waters for 20 years don't understand what went wrong. Again, we are all deepened saddened this has happened. Our sincerest thoughts and prayers to everyone affected by this. The cause remains unknown and investigations are ongoing and survivors said it seemed to go down without any warning at all. Thanks. The latest on the battle against

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{"duration":"2:00","description":"The British Columbia tour boat accident left five dead and one person still missing.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"34757692","title":"Whale-Watching Boat Survivors Found Clinging to Rocks","url":"/GMA/video/whale-watching-boat-survivors-found-clinging-rocks-34757692"}