White House reacts to tax bill, Rex Tillerson

ABC News' Jonathan Karl and Martha Raddatz report on the latest on the Senate tax bill and Senate investigation into Russia and reports that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson may leave the State Department.
3:29 | 12/01/17

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Transcript for White House reacts to tax bill, Rex Tillerson
That's right. It is comparable. Cassian a wide net. More from Jon Karl. Jon, that's the Mueller investigation. New reports that the president trying to curtail the congressional investigations indo the Russian collusion. Reporter: Yeah, "The New York Times" reports on several Republican senators who have been contacted directly by the president and asked to end those congressional investigations. Some of those Republican senators are on the record including Richard burr who is the chairman of the senate intelligence committee. "The times" writes Mr. Bur said Mr. Trump was not fully aware of the impropriety of his request because the president still has the mind-set of a businessman rather than a politician and bur tells "The times," quote, businessmen are paid to skip things they think they can skip and get away with but that is it a highly unusual thing for the president of the United States to call members of congress, key members of congress and tell them to stop investigating him. Meanwhile, Jon, it had been full speed ahead for the president's tax bill in the national yesterday when all of a sudden it hit a snag late in the day over costs. Reporter: Yeah, really extraordinary scene in the senate where they were actually negotiating details on the senate floor. The question is whether or not the tax cuts can be scaled back if the deficit turns out to be higher than anticipated. Looks like that provision will no longer be in the bill. That could cost them some votes but I have to tell you, George, although it was quite a scramble last night here at the white house and among the Republican leaders on capitol hill, they are confident that this still will pass the senate. May take some time but they are still confident. Meanwhile, a lot happening at the white house yesterday including new pressure on president trump's secretary of state, Rex tillerson from the white house itself. Reporter: Yeah, that's right. There are reports tillerson is on the way out. The president was asked by Cecilia Vega about that and his only answer was Rex is here. Meaning here in the white house and, in fact, he was. But I am told this is a matter of time. It may be two weeks, it could be two months. But everybody knows where this is heading and is heading towards Rex tillerson ultimately leave the state department. Big shake-up diplomatically. More on that from our chief global affairs anchor Martha Raddatz. No secret that the president and Rex tillerson have not gotten along for much of the year after Rex tillerson reportedly called the president a Morin. The secretary of state also facing questions from inside the department. Reporter: Exactly, you know, tillerson doesn't treat trump the way trump likes to be treated. He has a complete lack of government experience, political experience, he's at odds with him over North Korea, Iran and, of course, as you said those reports that he called trump a moron in private. But at the state department as you say positions haven't been filled. A couple of thousand people pushed out, so he doesn't have real allies on either end of Washington. This could be a real ideological shift if the reports are correct over who the president is looking at for secretary of state. His current CIA director Mike Pompeo and that will leave a vacancy at CIA as well. Reporter: It certainly would and there are reports it would take that senator Tom cotton is a possibly and also reports that admiral Bob Harwood, a former Navy S.E.A.L. Is being looked at as well. If you recall back in February, he was looked at, in fact, offered the job of national security adviser after Mike Flynn left. He turned that down because of personal reasons, but would have to see if he was offered it this time whether he'd take it. He was deputy commander of central command under Jim Mattis. They are very good friends and like Mattis, total warriors but Harwood also has white house experience in his past. A lot on the table. New fallout over those sexual

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{"id":51507061,"title":"White House reacts to tax bill, Rex Tillerson","duration":"3:29","description":"ABC News' Jonathan Karl and Martha Raddatz report on the latest on the Senate tax bill and Senate investigation into Russia and reports that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson may leave the State Department.","url":"/GMA/video/white-house-reacts-tax-bill-rex-tillerson-51507061","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}