Whoopi Goldberg Joins the 'GMA' Gang for Breakfast

The co-host of "The View" talks about hitting a showbiz grand slam by achieving the coveted "EGOT."
5:12 | 09/19/13

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Transcript for Whoopi Goldberg Joins the 'GMA' Gang for Breakfast
And welcome to breakfast. Who is going to fill this empty chair? My guest this morning is someone who has limitless talent, by the way. That's not the reason I invited her here. I invited her here because she's one of the top people I've met in my life. Josh feels the same way. Exactly. Every moment I spend with this lady, makes me feel smarter. And makes me feel better about me. And there's few people who will give, give, give to their friends. Who's coming to breakfast? Let's open the doors. Good morning. Good morning. How are you? Good morning. Good morning. How are you? One of the clues that I gave out was that whoopi is -- i didn't know until I started looking. Emmy, two of them. Grammy, oscar, tony. You've won every award there is to win in the entertainment business. Yeah. This will be the pinnacle, sitting down for breakfast. Nobel peace prize. Bacon. Come on in with breakfast, jerry. This is what she has for breakfast every morning. Describe what it is. It's basically bacon. Bacon and bagels. I've been on this crazy cleanse now. And so, this is the -- no, no. Give me, give me, give me. You know. Cleansing is great. But bagels are better. Sam and I had the utter pleasure of having dinner with you. And I was -- this job has been surreal. Every day I come to this job, i expect my i.D. Card not to work. But I might have had no more surreal a night, a moment, than to go to your beautiful home and have an unbelievable dinner. And to see a bookcase that's called a bookcase. It's a library. It's where the written word lives in your home. It was the most -- it was one of the best nights of my life. This incredible passion for the written word. I don't know that you share with a lot of people. Your twitter followers know that. Tell us why. I learned to read late because I'm dyslexic. So, stories made phonographs made pictures. I liked the connection of a story that makes the picture. And reading was tough. So, once I learned to read, i just sort of drank it up. And I have, you know, these weird eyes. Some days it's harder to read stuff on the page. I do a lot of listening. Fantastic company does all these great audio books. You're a big listener. We say that on "the view." We love how you are not shy about sharing that. You are a good listener. I'm lucky. That was my mom. She made me a good listener. Now, you've had 100 careers, it seems like, in a very short amount of time. It feels like it, too. I think some people know you as being the host of the major morning show. Do they know you have all these films. 135 actress credits according to imbd. At least 57 movies. I think you're in movies i haven't counted up and seen. Do you want to go back to films full-time? Have you thought about that? I'm working for the mouse right now. You know? I'm doing my thing. I got a nice little contract. You made great films. I do. Yeah. I just -- as my documentary. It will be on hbo in november. So, yeah. You know, I'm still making movies as I'm doing "the view." I did "teenage mutant ninja turtles." I DID terry McMillan's book, "a daylight and a dollar short." I'm still doing it. But the primary focus. Did you have a sense, steven spielberg puts you in "the color purple." Did you think this lay in front of you? No. Look at me. I was nobody's idea of a movie actor, let alone a movie star. So, you know, it was all a shock. And a great shock. And it continues to be a shock. I'm shocked every day. I get up and I go -- ah. Man.

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{"id":20304200,"title":"Whoopi Goldberg Joins the 'GMA' Gang for Breakfast","duration":"5:12","description":"The co-host of \"The View\" talks about hitting a showbiz grand slam by achieving the coveted \"EGOT.\"","url":"/GMA/video/whoopi-goldberg-joins-gma-gang-breakfast-20304200","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}