Wife of Senate candidate Roy Moore speaks out

Kayla Moore speaks out in support of her husband, saying the allegations of sexual misconduct against him are untrue.
2:30 | 11/18/17

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Transcript for Wife of Senate candidate Roy Moore speaks out
the Russia investigation but there are developments in the sexual misconduct scandal that enveloped the Roy Moore campaign. His wife now coming to his defense and Stephanie Ramos is covering that. Reporter: On the steps of the Alabama capitol Kayla Moore standing by her man sdmres's always been an officer and a gentleman. Reporter: Embattled candidate Roy Moore. Let me set the record straight. Even after all the attacks against me, against my family, against the foundation and now against my husband, he will not step down. Reporter: Moore's campaign coming under fire recently as allegations of sexual misconduct with teenage girls have been launched against him claims he denies. They're not only untrue, but they have no evidence to support them. Reporter: Kayla Moore also defiant taking aim at her husband's accusers, his democratic opponent, the media and even president trump. All of the very same people who were attacking president trump are also attacking us. I personally think he owes us a thank you. Have you noticed you're not hearing too much about Russia? To the president I would say now is a good time to get some things done in congress. Reporter: President trump hasn't said much about the Moore allegations, a decision that's been criticized. He has weighed in on Roy Moore. He did it while he was on a foreign trip in Asia. I did it repeatedly yesterday. In fact, I took about 15 questions on that topic. Reporter: But Kayla Moore rallying the people of Alabama in defense of her husband. The people of Alabama understand what's going on here. Reporter: Her press conference also featuring female supporters of Moore who say he has never been inappropriate. He is the closest thing that any of us have observed to a founding father in our time. Reporter: Even the governor of Alabama is still backing Moore. That's what I plan to do is vote for the Republican nominee, Roy Moore. Reporter: You heard from Alabama's governor. I heard some of the same when I was on the ground in gadsden, Alabama. A lot of Roy Moore supporters say they stand with him because of his religious beliefs and values. They may not know who to believe, the accusers or Moore, but many told me they'll still vote for Moore. Paula, Dan. All right. Stephanie Ramos from Washington, thank you so much for your reporting. Of course, that election coming up just around the corner on the 12th of December. We want to get some

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{"id":51242910,"title":"Wife of Senate candidate Roy Moore speaks out","duration":"2:30","description":"Kayla Moore speaks out in support of her husband, saying the allegations of sexual misconduct against him are untrue.","url":"/GMA/video/wife-senate-candidate-roy-moore-speaks-51242910","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}