After Wife's Death, Fred Stobaugh, 96, Writes Love Song

Jason Colgan discusses turning Stobaugh's ode to his wife "Oh Sweet Lorraine" into an iTunes hit.
4:21 | 08/28/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for After Wife's Death, Fred Stobaugh, 96, Writes Love Song
Come back to America is pretty incredible Fred style -- fell in love and married -- And the two were married for about 73 years until rain passed away. In April now when Fred heard about a songwriting contest in his hometown of Peoria Illinois. He decided to submit a tribute to the love of his life -- that even though he had no background in music at all and this is where -- colgan. Of green shoes studio comes Jacob was on the receiving end of the -- so he got all the submissions of the songwriting contest. And with the submission you know all the submissions -- digitally and they all like. You know people are doing their bitten and they're they're producing in the doing all this -- in a Manila envelope comes friends handwritten lyrics. And silicon stood up to this guy -- -- decided to help Fred put his words full range of music. And remember they were together 73 years -- he had just lost her communion natural I can't even imagine what -- it's like so. Let's listen. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That is so. Incredibly. And really really beautiful and I'm so pleased to have taken with us last night. With Oceana and it's now Logan who -- during the Minneapolis sweet sweet dreams -- -- hi Jake. Highest how are you -- few guys that. -- first of all love doesn't it just doesn't last like that it seems to me anymore 73 years. So what was it win this comes across -- and you see this and you turn into this incredibly beautiful thing what first -- you about it. Boxing. Us in. The letter it's just so. So cute -- -- -- -- -- -- there's still -- master's degrees. The love -- we had to bring it to. Those. You're killing an honest -- and I think -- going to get -- 96 years old -- had never written a song before. And. Apparently this guy just had so much he wanted to get out. And express -- so how did you take those words how did you help them express this. Well we met with him at times it just kind. Some songs back -- -- in his -- put us through some guitars are brought a guitar player. Teams get back to the state -- it just. -- messed with the pro ink so it's really want to do your job -- stay true to its original players and speak a little longer does not require. Hey what can I ask how how old was spread when he first heard he is -- -- put to music. What was his reaction. His reaction was tears -- so -- policies suddenly quit then but he just ecstatic he loved. -- While and then -- where will people be able to see this I mean is it. If it -- -- things really well actually write tell you guys tell us the status of that news well. Last we checked it was number I'm hitting it rich well right now I'm off on -- single I think and. And Noonan says senior somewhere category I believe it's number yeah -- -- Grade you guys I love you know what I'm gonna do this on GMA tomorrow I have I think it's got to be -- hot news it's amazing. So I want to thank you deathly check IG a minimum morning I think Fred and the -- story needs to be told. Thank you guys so much for for bringing it to life. -- and -- for being the amazing young man. -- there's so much they said now about how generation's art you know may not -- now and that that we don't have a connection with our past. But for you being the amazing young man who -- -- a 73 year old love story from a 96 year old man. And turn into something that people are buying like crazy to -- thank you so much for. I think I don't know I don't --

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{"duration":"4:21","description":"Jason Colgan discusses turning Stobaugh's ode to his wife \"Oh Sweet Lorraine\" into an iTunes hit.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"20093439","title":"After Wife's Death, Fred Stobaugh, 96, Writes Love Song","url":"/GMA/video/wifes-death-fred-stobaugh-96-writes-love-song-20093439"}