Famed Wingman Killed During Jump

Mark Sutton's jump in the Swiss Alps ended in tragedy.
2:12 | 08/16/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Famed Wingman Killed During Jump
We're going to turn to amy once again. You have a tough one. This is a really sad story. It's one of the world's greatest week while skydiving in a wing suit. Mark sutton was famous for parachuting into the opening ceremonies of the 2012 olympic games. He was dressed as james bond. The 42-year-old was one of the best in the world. And he thrilled so many with his fantastic jumps. The entire world was captivated when he leapt from a helicopter, dressed as oo 7, during the olympic opening ceremonies last year. That's the most memorable entrance. Reporter: When he wasn't playing bond's stunt double, mark sutton preferred a different kind of suit. One, two -- see ya. Reporter: One that left his adrenaline shaken and probably stirred. Seen here in these extreme videos posted on his youtube channel, sutton was cheered as one of the world's best wing suit pilots, darting through canyons and skimming tree tops at speeds of 150-mile-per-hour, inches from the ground. The 42-year-old former military officer was known to jump with camera in hand, or on head, hoping to give the world a glimpse of what it's like to fly free like a bird. No motor, just pure grit. His quest for adventure took him from angel falls in venezuela. How beautiful is this? Reporter: To the iger shroom in switzerland. A hot spot for birdmen, if they can make the climb. Friends say sutton was brave in situations most of us would find terrifying. When his life suddenly ended on wednesday during a jump in the swiss alps, his jumping buddies, unphased, decided to do what sutton would do. Just keep flying. Danny boyle, the director of the olympics, is tweeting tributes to him. And hearts go out to his family and those who loved him. We're certainly inspired by him. Thanks, amy. Weather, now, with ginger

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{"id":19978914,"title":"Famed Wingman Killed During Jump","duration":"2:12","description":"Mark Sutton's jump in the Swiss Alps ended in tragedy.","url":"/GMA/video/wingman-mark-sutton-dead-famed-stuntman-killed-jump-19978914","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}