Winning Lottery Ticket Found in Trash

Family recovers ticket worth a million in cash after tossing it in the garbage.
2:20 | 07/27/13

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Transcript for Winning Lottery Ticket Found in Trash
It was a -- family was in a real financial pinch they had a funeral wedding and a new granted on their hands and that is when they made an astonishing discovery. In the trash -- lottery ticket. They almost threw it away there it is. ABCs Reno nine and is here with the rest of the story -- a good morning. Hi good morning in a happy birthday again a family fortune that almost almost slipped through their fingers luckily they remembered something they forgot. And that would eventually lead to one of the biggest surprises of their life. Winning the lottery can change your life when you least expect it. As showcasing ABC's new show -- -- seven. -- would happen to one lucky Massachusetts couple. And they almost brutal way I had totally forgotten about it Joseph wins -- -- -- her husband Joseph were supposed to be on vacation. But ended up stuck at home when their refrigerator broke I had sent them to the star but grocery and had to pick up lottery tickets but the tickets -- their mind and they headed to casino and try their luck there. The uniform Boeing and my husband says to me where the lottery tickets. And I said. -- -- -- -- -- He said oh my gosh I think I must've thrown them away. Next morning I got up and I remember that I -- account is -- that's where I left the bag and I think it's. Want to a lot of materialism bottom line sued Joseph dug through the garbage email to find you scratch offs. Coleman who was there I didn't know what I didn't put it I never expected to be a -- -- but in fact it was eighty million dollar ticket. I scratch ticket I ran into her bedroom woke Joanna prices checked this -- don't please as you looked attitude only god. Knows like yeah all. Turning trash to treasures just one part of busy donny's busy summer have gone through. About we're going to a wedding we're going through childhood Ambon and what are they planned to do with their newly found wealth. Support the children and pay off the mortgage. You know and party. Picked -- -- -- a lump sum payments after taxes they're walking away with 400. And 50000 dollars -- you can afford a new refrigerator -- -- to al-Qaeda were beginning their freezer at -- I thought of that party -- it definitely -- had -- that are fat cats and a party that growth. Think he really appreciate.

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{"id":19790986,"title":"Winning Lottery Ticket Found in Trash","duration":"2:20","description":"Family recovers ticket worth a million in cash after tossing it in the garbage.","url":"/GMA/video/winning-lottery-ticket-found-trash-19790986","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}