New Blizzard Has Sights Set on Northeast

ABC News' Extreme Weather Team tracks the latest weather across the country.
3:00 | 02/15/14

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Transcript for New Blizzard Has Sights Set on Northeast
Good morning, everybody. Remember a couple of weeks ago when the groundhog said we had six more weeks of winter, he was right but I believe he was insufficiently specific. He failed to mention the rest of this winter would be relentless a enacceptably snowy. Arms at a standstill with so many cups trying to get away for a Valentine's weekend. There are some people making the best of it. One romantic couple made this snow heart for Valentine's day. And look at this shot. A snow bank against New York's famous skyline and, of course, there's central park glistening as well. Looks so beautiful in the pictures when you're out there. Hopping over slush to get there less amusing. This guy is snowboarding down the street. That looks like a don't try that at home. We used to call this skitcing back in the day attached to a car. I never did it. The fin and beauty I will grudgingly admit many want it to end. There it is. 32 days until 123ri7k. Over a .to go and there's a fresh blizzard on the way. It comes as tens of millions of Americans are digging out of this week's nor'easter and ABC's Linzie Janis is on the story from central park in a balmy new York City. It's 40 degrees out. Reporter: 40 degrees, bianna, and no snow yet but told it is on the way of the that's why the race is on to clear the existing ice and snow. Between battering winter storms, this morning, nearly a third of the nation is cleaning up. I hope we don't get no more. Reporter: And clearing out. Heavy snow causing roofs to cave in. Leaving some homeless. The average home can withstand about two feet of snow before the roof becomes susceptible to collapse. Parts of the northeast have gotten much more than that this week. As far south as North Carolina, police calling in tow trucks to save stranded motorists. This boy got lost and survived the night in freezing temperatures by cuddling his dog cocoa for 14 hours. I didn't keep warm. The dog kept warm. Look at this truck, the large hole in front of the driver's wind shield was because of falling ice. And this may look like an explorer atop a mountain but it's working clearing gigantic chunks of ice and snow from a Vermont airport runway. And this man taking advantage of the sloppy conditions in new York City snowboarding down the street. Much of the country was hit hard. The roads outside Philadelphia so slick, causing this five-mi five-mile-long pileup. More than a hundred cars, dozened injured. Around the corner and the sun is blinding and I missed the car in front of me by that much. Reporter: And those drivers in Pennsylvania told us they were foaled by the sun and also by what looked like a clear road. In fact, it was a sheet of ice. A good reminder that stay cautious no matter how tired and frustrated we are all growing with this winter. Dan, 32 days, 32 days, I love that countdown clock. Yes, we'll put it up for the rest of the show. Blizzard warnings up right now for parts of the northeast. For more on this new storm over to bill Kelly, the bearer of bad news, chief meteorologist for WSYX in Columbus, glad to have you here. Isn't hope a wonderful thing. Not today. We have winter weather advisories posted all the way from North Carolina up into new England and you mentioned that blizzard warning. Here it is, it's for eastern sections of Massachusetts there where it's going to be blowing, the snow is going to be blinding. Here is the current radar. You folks in Washington, D.C., you're probably going to stay rain. Philly, a little snow expecting a little snow in the New York area over the next couple of hours. Where it is going to affect most of you is up here into new England. I mean this storm is going to pack a punch. Let me run the timing by. Here's the morning time frame. We get into the afternoon it pulls off into the ocean and look at this. Look at all the snow that is going to be around in these areas, we're talking in some spots 6 to 12 inches of snow.

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{"id":22532589,"title":"New Blizzard Has Sights Set on Northeast","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC News' Extreme Weather Team tracks the latest weather across the country.","url":"/GMA/video/winter-storm-abc-news-extreme-weather-team-tracks-22532589","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}