Northeast Residents Walloped by Winter Storm

Gio Benitez and Bill Kelly track the latest weather across the country.
3:00 | 02/16/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Northeast Residents Walloped by Winter Storm
And switch gears and turn to the blizzard that struck southern new England after a nor'easter dumped a foot of snow. And geobenitez it there. It's going to get to 28 degrees where you are today. Reporter: Brrr. We feel it, bianna. Good morning to you. That storm dropped another foot of snow in the northeast, and packing howling winds. We're talking about winds reaching over 60 miles an hour. Just when will it end? It's a cold, harsh, frost-bitten awfulness. Reporter: This morning millions of Americans are once again pushing, pulling, and digging their way out of another snowstorm. The second in three days. Piling even more feet of snow on top of these already buried cars and homes across the northeast. I hate it. I wish it was done. Reporter: With less than a day between storms, crews in new England, New York and Philadelphia rushed to clear the roadways. But even they couldn't escape old man winter's wrath. Watch this jeep coming to the rescue, towing that massive plow out of a snow bank. They blasted planes, de-icing while passengers waited to take off. Watch as beams through this lighthouse cut through the conditions, blasting the Massachusetts coastline. While salt is quickly running out across the region, in new York, some stores are even running out of snow boots. People now just begging for reli relief. I'm ready for South Africa spring. Reporter: Others wish they could go away. I'm ready to go to Florida, C, anywhere but here. Reporter: And this morning, 6,000 people waking up without power once again in the Boston area. And over the next few days, you have to watch for that black ice on the roads, that dangerous, invisible black ice, because that is what caused so many accidents here. Black ice is a killer and a really good reminder. We appreciate it. And as we endure this winter of discontent, we have instituted a countdown clock on the screen, right there -- The butterfly. There's a butterfly, 31 days until spring. Before spring arrives, we are expecting a February thaw. With more, to bill Kelly, also walks around with a butterfly own his shoulder all the time. He's the meteorologist in Columbus, Ohio. Happy to have you. That and a tulip, anything to remind us spring is around the corner. Unfortunately, the thaw is not going to last. We'll get to that. But look at this morning. 12 in Syracuse, 21 in New York City. But the winds, 20-40 miles an hour. So temperatures feel colder. Grab that jacket. But look at December, January and February, talk the winter snowfall. My word, New York, the seventh snowiest on record. Indianapolis, the snowiest on record. But there's a little bit of snow that's going to continue to make its way across. We will watch the snow work its way through. You have a southern twang? My word? My word. That's when you know it's cold.

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{"id":22538642,"title":"Northeast Residents Walloped by Winter Storm","duration":"3:00","description":"Gio Benitez and Bill Kelly track the latest weather across the country.","url":"/GMA/video/winter-storm-gio-benitez-billy-kelly-track-latest-22538642","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}