Winter Storm Blasts Midwest, East

Warnings, watches or advisories for 13 states in what could be winter's final punch.
3:59 | 03/25/13

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Transcript for Winter Storm Blasts Midwest, East
We'll let you know. A big storm there in orlando. We're going to stop, sam, asking about spring. We only had one more snowstorm. We didn't want zwrornlg miss it all. He had the week off last week. 25 times it's snowed in washington, d.C. 29 times in new york city. If it feels like you're tire d of snow, that's probably why. Take a look at the live shots this morning. The washington, d.C., Look, and philadelphia as well. We have both of them for you. The d.C. Look, at the road surfaces there. Road surfaces looking good. A snow accumulation. This continues through tonight, we'll get a little windup on the coastline. That means later on tonight, the temperatures dip, the road conditions get icy. St. Louis, 12 inches from this Denver, 11. This runs from denver to d.C. Now, from the big swirl of snow here on the storm site radar. Indiana gets punched, detroit, buffalo, pittsburgh, scranton. We sent our extreme team out. Gio benitez is out in indiana. Driving to indianapolis was too dangerous. We passed car after car in ditch after ditch. It's a lot like what you'll find across america right now. It's not your average spring shower. Overnight, near whiteout conditions as six inch of snow dumped across parts of indiana. Dropping visibility to mere feet, and leaving cars sidelines in illinois. This is video of our drive trying to make it from chicago to indianapolis. Not much larkts these roads became too dangerous to continue. This morning, missouri begins to digout. After high winds left parts of the state with more than a foot of snow. Meanwhile, late sunday, 86-mile-an-hour wind gusts ripped through central florida. The only thing flying at this air show, debris. Blasts so strong, they burst through the doors at this lowe's store. Hey, it's -- Reporter: And ripped the roof right off this building. More than an inch and half of rain drenched the course of the arnold palmer invitational. Forcing tiger woods to suspend his first place lead. And one florida woman was injured when the roof of her home collapsed right on top of her. It picked it up and down on her. She was home alone. She had to crawl in, get on a phone, in order to call 911 herself. Reporter: And so the snow clearly still coming down here in indiana. Below freezing. It's not going anywhere any time soon. As this heads east, we'll see if we can make the drive. Good luck, gio. The roads will stay bad there. The totals, what we think they'll end up being. It's a bigger miss for washington, d.C. There will be snowy surfaces just outside. That's where david kerley is. Reporter: It looks like a winter scene behind me. 3 or 4 inches of snow here already. It will mean a mess of a commute. This is more snow than they had forecast for. Inch or sor already in the washington, d.C. Area. The commute here is a mess. The only good new, sam, is that it's sbripring break, believe it or not. It should melt away, maybe a nicer commute this afternoon.

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{"id":18804986,"title":"Winter Storm Blasts Midwest, East","duration":"3:59","description":"Warnings, watches or advisories for 13 states in what could be winter's final punch.","url":"/GMA/video/winter-storm-march-2013-wicked-weather-slams-midwest-18804986","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}