Winter Storm Threatens to Hit Christmas Week

ABC News' Rob Marciano tracks the latest weather across the country.
1:14 | 12/22/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Winter Storm Threatens to Hit Christmas Week
A lot of people could have trouble getting home for the holidays. The weather is the big story. Right to it. Big storms brewing this morning. Could turn out to be a real nightmare for millions just before Christmas. Rob Marciano is tracking it all. Colorado. Big-time problems across I-70. They're chaining up this morning. It will be a slow go throughout the day. Avalanche mitigation will be ongoing. East of the Mississippi river Wednesday. Rain and wind. It will affect the ground and the airports. One team storms up with a southern storm. Strong thunderstorms across the south. Mostly a rain event. The wind will wreak havoc. Some of the storms could be severe in the way of tornadoes and strong winds. Over six inches of rain over Tallahassee. And two, or three or more inches of rain across the northeast. It will be very wet. Difficult to travel. We'll get the latest on the two New York City police

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{"duration":"1:14","description":"ABC News' Rob Marciano tracks the latest weather across the country.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"27759606","title":"Winter Storm Threatens to Hit Christmas Week","url":"/GMA/video/winter-storm-threatens-hit-christmas-week-27759606"}