Wirecutter's top picks for strollers

The popular product review site released its buyer's guide for strollers today and shared some of its top picks with "GMA."
4:33 | 12/06/17

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Transcript for Wirecutter's top picks for strollers
We'll go now to the big reveal. Wirecutter, they're unveiling its top stroller picks after dozens of hours of research and testing and ABC's erielle reshef is here with what they discovered. Good morning, erielle. Good morning to you, Michael. As many parents know your stroller can be one of the most crucial pieces of baby gear. We went out with wirecutter to try out their top picks and now we have the results right here for you on "Gma." Stroller after stroller, the options seem endless. Wirecutter a website that advises on products out with a buyer's guide this morning. It examined 59 full-size strollers to help parents sort through the mayhem. It can be really overwhelming with that many out there. The most important thing for parents, find the best one. Reporter: Once wirecutter narrowed it down to nine strollers that have the best online reviews, writer Sonia Heung walked more than 100 miles traversing city terrain, tackling stairs. Also lugging along in cars and planes. And then the baby gear gauntlet. This obstacle course. Sonia and Winnie show us how they did it with help of Nico and an ndie. If are you ready, Nico? Yay. Whoo! But as parents know, the ultimate test when it comes to stro strollers, collapsing them. I give wirecutter's top three a try. The britax agile on Amazon for $89. Got to use my strength, here we go. Aha. I did it. Then the first place finisher, the city mini listed at $221 on Amazon. Got everything you need for little one. Here we go. That's amazing. And if parents want a premium upgrade, the uppababy Cruz at $500. All right. There we go. Before you make the big stroller buy, wirecutter says don't forget yourid'sgonna row. It should be able to carry a child from when they're a newborn through when they're a toddler. Reporter: Helpful hints to stroll your tiny travelers across the finish line. Now, we should tell you that like other websites wirecutter gets a percentage of money from retailers on the strollers sold through their links on their website but this was super enlightening and may have overpaid for our stroller. You make that look so easy. Thank you. I needed a course to get my stroller down when I had my kids. Mom strength. Wirecutter did a story on umbrella strollers. They did because a lot of times that's the way to go when traveling. Easy to filled up. They did seven hours of research, 86 hours of testing to find the best umbrella strollers and have them. We'll show you who won the umbrella stroller category. You guys ready for that? Drum roll, please. Let's bring out the winner. Here we go. Okay. If you didn't notice the stroller comes with a husband and a baby. Husband and happens to be my husband and my baby. Hi. So this is -- I want to get down. I'm sure you do. This is typical with moms trying to struggle with their kids in the stroller. This is the summer infant and it is $80 retail so pretty good deal, 134 pounds and foals up easily when you do it with one hand so that's why wirecutter likes this stroller. She's so cute I didn't hear a word you said. It's a he. You want to splurge wirecutter did the best upgrade. They did. And you know what, drum roll, please. We'll bring that out, as well. Adrienne. The beautiful Adrienne Bankert here with our producer Sara's son Ben. The resemblance. This beis Ben. You're doing better than my son did. This is the juvi groove ultra light. It's 16 pound, really easy to collapse as well. Has a great peekaboo window and, hey. Thank you, erielle. Thank you for your participation

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{"id":51603254,"title":"Wirecutter's top picks for strollers ","duration":"4:33","description":"The popular product review site released its buyer's guide for strollers today and shared some of its top picks with \"GMA.\" ","url":"/GMA/video/wirecutters-top-picks-strollers-51603254","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}